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One of the responsibilities of a martial arts which focuses on a healthy and productive “way of life” is defining what that means.

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Have you thought about studying Tai Chi or Qigong?  Since there are many styles/systems of Tai Chi and Qigong, are they all equally beneficial or not?  If not, how do we recognize which ones are better than others. This article will briefly explore the CORE answers to these questions.


Qigong has two main components:

1. Health Benefits

2. Meditative (sometimes referred to as Spiritual) Benefits

Qigong is usually recommended when you have specific health concerns which it is designed to address.   Or for people who seek an illness preventive discipline that also reduces stress, has little to no impact and doesn’t teach martial arts.

Valid methods of Qigong work on specific problems within the body via the movements or postures, and breathing, which in turn trigger their corresponding meridians.  So, as long as a person is working on the correct meridian then they can help the specific ailment associated with that meridian. 

Yet, it is important to note that no individual Qigong is a complete system/approach by itself.  This is because one Qigong usually only works on one, or a limited number of meridians.   Therefore, if a Qigong is to be a complete heath system it must offer enough postures/techniques which in turn work on ALL meridians.  But, and this is VITALLY IMPOTANT, these meridians MUST be activated in the correct sequence. 

This “correct sequence” is known as the Qi Cycle or Horary Cycle.  This cycle sequentially depicts the 24 hour flow of Qi in our bodies.  Following this exact meridian sequence is VITAL for our balanced health. 


As such, if you are practicing a Qigong which works merely on one or a few meridians you may produce short terms benefits.  Thus we get the claims from people about how specific Qigong’s helped them with this or that problem.  But keep in mind that this is ONLY a short sighted approach and can be detrimental in the long run.  Why?  Because our bodies were meant to work as a complete unit via a holistic approach. If we don’t practice the entire Horary cycle in the correct sequence our intrinsic life force (Qi) we will never be activated in a balanced manner and thus we cannot energetically live in optimal health. 

Yet there is an additional concern even if one practice several Qigong’s that follows the correct Horary cycle.  That is, Qigong in and of itself can be categorized as a Yin system and to be optimally balanced it needs a Yang compliment.  And this Yang compliment is Martial Arts.  Hence the problem with merely practicing Qigong as a way of life.

This is where Tai Chi comes in. Correct Tai Chi IS a Qigong and much more.

Tai Chi:

Tai Chi has three main components:

1. Health Benefits

2. Martial Arts Benefits

3. Spiritual or Meditative Benefits

Let me start by saying that the reasons there are many forms of Tai Chi is complicated.  In some cases it is because there have been people who felt that they could create a better Tai Chi system than the one they initially learned.  Maybe they felt this way because their initial system or instructor was not very good.  Or, maybe they created a new system because they had a strong ego and wanted to be revered or looked up to.  Maybe they wanted to make more money, etc. The reasons are varied.

So, the quickest and best way to identify which Tai Chi system is valid is to examine its components.  It MUST have all three of the above “components” if it is to be a valid Tai Chi system. Yet, virtually any Tai Chi system can make this claim.  So how do we distinguish a valid Tai Chi system from one that is not in our best interest?

To our knowledge there are only two systems of Tai Chi which are complete and valid.  These are:

1. The Original Yang Lu-Ch’an Tai Chi Chuan (Originally known as H’ao Chu’an, translated as “Loose Boxing”)

2. The Yang Cheng-Fu form (which was a watered down version of The Original Yang Lu-Ch’an Tai Chi Chuan) 

(Note: Please refer to this ARTICLE for more details.)

To avoid over complication I’ll focus strictly on the KEY points of what’s makes these Tai Chi systems “valid”.

1. Health – Only these systems follow the Horary Cycle. In other words, the sequential techniques/postures of the forms (with proper breathing and SUNG) activate each meridian in the correct sequence mimicking the 24 hour Horary cycle.  While other forms of Tai Chi DO NOT DO THIS and the end result can only be defeating. 

2.  Martial Arts – Virtually any Tai Chi motion can be manipulated to simulate a defensive technique.  But with the valid systems of Tai Chi you learn more than this, you also learn Dim-Mak.  Dim-Mak (literally meaning death touch) is the art and science of vital point fighting.  Vital points are the vulnerable areas of the body that when struck properly causes, is the best case scenario pain and the body to not function normally, and in the worst case scenario, results in death.

Some vital points are just structurally weak areas in ones anatomical construction (such as the throat, or knee cap, etc).  Most martial arts systems seem to focus on these structurally weak areas.  But there are other vital areas specifically related to points located on the various meridians.  The science of striking these points is a very advanced methodology of fighting.  For more details on Dim-Mak read this ARTICLE.

One of the numerous genius aspects of the valid systems of Tai Chi are that each technique is a finishing blow if used correctly in a fight.  The motions of Tai Chi are designed so that they strike vital points in the correct direction, and in proper succession with other points to optimize their defensive effectiveness.   In other words, one point can be used by itself or enhanced if used as a set up point for another succeeding point(s), etc.

So, Dim-Mak makes Tai Chi one of the world’s most deadly martial arts in that every single move can be a killing motion if, God forbid, such a need arose.   And while some may cringe at the idea of using Tai Chi as a killing system and thus may wish to focus only on its health benefits; well, this is a short sighted approach. It is like taking the Yin out of the Yang, the night from the day, the male from the female. It can’t be done without causing unfortunate side effects.  Therefore, Tai Chi MUST have both the Healing (Yin) and Fighting (Yang) aspect to be Balanced.

And when Tai Chi is practiced as a complete and Balanced discipline its side effect (beyond the above mentioned benefits) produce coordinate spiritual/meditative results often described as “moving meditation”. 

In summary, authentic Tai Chi stands out because:

1. Its techniques follow the Horary Cycle. 

2. Its Martial Arts system is the pinnacle of self defense based on the art/science of Dim-Mak.

3. When both the Health and Martial Arts are unified one attains Balance and gains optimal meditative/spiritual benefits.

Note: There are of course numerous other components of a healthy and holistic lifestyle which include proper diet/nutrition, proper hydration, social interaction, etc.  But Tai Chi is the perfect complement to virtually anyone’s lifestyle if they seek to live in a beneficial and holistic way.

            Taekwondo is a very effective martial art with both its Mu Sool (Martial Skills) and moral tenets.  In this paper I will reveal little known advanced principles in Mu Sool vital point striking, many of which can be used effectively in taekwondo.

            Generally, when people think of taekwondo they see a martial art which utilizes phenomenal hand and foot techniques which are applied with focus, timing, speed and power against an attacking opponent’s weak areas (vital points). In this way, the resulting self defense applications have a much greater success in their effectiveness; as opposed to just punching or kicking randomly on the opponent’s body in hopes that you will defeat them.

            The intelligence of utilizing these vital points on the opponent’s body sets apart an advanced taekwondo practitioner from a novice.  But what if there was an even a greater methodology to vital point striking than what is typically known?  If so, this knowledge could further the advanced practitioners skills. Well, there is a more advanced science to vital point striking and to the Chinese it is known as the science of dim-mak.

* * *


            In order to accurately comprehend aspects of this paper, one needs to have some understanding of the energetic meridian based system found in traditional oriental medicine. Generally speaking, the human body has 12 bilateral primary meridians (see “Yin/Yang Channels” below). There are also two special vessels (the Conception Vessel – CV and the Governor Vessel – GV) that are not bilateral. These are singular channels, which follow the midline of the body, one in front and one on the back.

There are a number of ways in which the Primary Meridians can be classified. One method is to classify them into two groups, according to their polarity of Yin and Yang. The Chinese determined that some of the meridians are predominantly of Yin energy, and some are predominantly of Yang energy.  We will be referencing certain vital points and their corresponding numbers using the abbreviations found in this meridian system.  

Yin Channels (Organ) Yang Channels (Organ)


Lung (LU) Large Intestine (LI)
Spleen (SP) Stomach (ST)
Heart (HT) Small Intestine (SI)
Kidneys (KI) Bladder (BL)
Pericardium (PC) Triple Heater (TH)
Liver (LV) Gall Bladder (GB)


Number of Points on each Meridian

Governing Vessel = 27

Conception Vessel = 24

Lung = 11

Large Intestine = 20

Spleen = 21

Stomach = 45

Heart = 9

Small Intestine = 19

Kidney = 27

Bladder = 67

Pericardium = 9

Triple Heater = 23

Liver = 14

Gall Bladder = 44

Note:  Certain Meridian’s have more than one name and or abbreviation. Here are some examples:  Triple Heater (TH) could also be Triple Warmer (TW).  Large Intestine (LI) could also be Colon (CO). Bladder (BL) could also be Urinary Bladder (UB).

One additional but critical aspect to meridian vital point striking is in knowing the direction of the strike since different effects are produced depending on the angle of the strike.  This is important for single strikes as well as multiple strikes, and how they affect each other.  (refer to #4 below Dropping the Heart Rate”). 

In order to have a fundamental understanding of which direction to strike a point, one must first understand that the energy or (Ki) in the posterior meridians on the arms and legs flows in a downward fashion, while the Ki flows in an upwards direction in the anterior regions of the arms and legs. The energy flow in the torso and head can be a bit more complex to follow. 

Note: When one examines the numerical system along each meridian in acupuncture the ascending numbers reflect the direction of the energy (Ki). But with dim-mak vital point striking, one must think of the energy flowing in the opposite direction from acupuncture. For in dim-mak striking we are trying to hurt or kill, not heal.   

Next one must understand what effects the points, used individually or in combinations, have on the attacker. This science is very comprehensive and beyond the scope of this paper. If you would like to study this topic further I recommend the exhaustive works, “The Encyclopedia’s of Dim-Mak”, by Erle Montaigue and Wally Simpson.

* * *


There are five ways to cause a knock-out.  These five methods are the same ways one can also kill an opponent. So the utmost caution must be used when applying this knowledge.

Note: It is dangerous to knock someone out regardless of how it is done. We lose a few million-brain cells every time we are knocked out. Not to mention possible long-term damage and or death.

1. Head Trauma Black Out: (Blunt Trauma or Concussion)

Most of us know that a strong percussion type strike anywhere near the head, chin, face, etc., will cause a knock out. This is because these areas are vital to human survival and when struck, the brain simply causes the rest of the body to faint thus saving all of the energy and blood for the affected area. This is the first and most basic of the knock out techniques. This method is often seen in boxing or mixed martial arts fights.


2. Air Restriction to Lungs: (Lack of Air)

There are two approaches using this method.  The first one, and the one most often considered, would be to restrict air to lungs by cutting off the airway through a choking, compression, or crushing techniques on a person’s airway (larynx).  The second method causes the muscles around the lungs to constrict violently by going into spasm thus causing the person to black out. With this approach, using the meridian based system; we could, for example, perform strikes to ST 15 or to SI 11.  The strike to SI 11, which is located in the center of the scapular, will have the same effect as a good kick in the gut.


3. Stopping Blood Flow to Brain: (Lack of blood)

In this method the blood is restricted or stopped in its ability to get to the brain, such as a squeezing method which cuts off circulation to the carotid artery (a.k.a. the old sleeper hold).  One must be careful since prolonged constriction can cause brain damage or even death whereby the opponent may not revive.

If the person is knocked out or the heart has stopped from a sleeper hold type choke then we can use CPR.  Another approach is to lift him into a sitting position placing our hands under his chest from the rear and jerk him upward while squeezing inward lightly. This should bring him around. If not, a medium slap on the back in between the scapular should work.


4. Dropping the Heart Rate: (Shock, or rapid disruption of systems)

With this fourth method we would strike at vital points to cause the heart rate to drop, such as striking the carotid sinus or (ST 9). For another example, envision an attacker who uses a right arm hook punch. In defense, we could use our left palm swinging up and outwards in a blocking type motion striking the attackers point known as Neigwan or (PC 6).  The key to this block/strike, (Note: with dim-mak all blocking motions are in fact strikes or set-ups since blocks are seen more or less as wasted motion which makes one susceptible), is that we hit PC 6 in an adverse direction (against the flow of energy – or in this case, the direction of the attackers wrist) while virtually simultaneously we use our right palm striking to his carotid sinus point (ST 9).

There are three other organs which when struck in certain directions will also cause this blood pressure dropping effect. Gall bladder (or GB) and the intestines are the ones that are the easiest to get at. We have gall bladder points all over our bodies from the feet right up to the head and any of these points will cause the knock out when struck in the correct direction.  Take for example GB 14, located just above the eyebrow in the middle of the forehead.  This point can be struck in three different directions each causing a different effect.  For instance, if we strike with an upward blow to this point it causes what is known as an energy or Ki rush to the head resulting in a knock out or death. (Essentially the brain explodes energetically!) But if we use dim-mak points in a different way, they can also be used to heal. For instance, we know that the antidote for striking GB 14 is the point GB 21 just on the shoulders. If we put pressure onto this point and quickly brush to both sides, this will bring the Qi back down out of the head. And since striking GB 14 results in the exact same symptoms as a person suffering from a bad case of sunstroke, we know that GB 21 can also be used for sunstroke victims. In short, sunstroke and striking GB 14 are the result of too much yang energy in the head.

Another approach for striking GB 14 is to use a set-up point.  For example, if I block a punch by using an inwards strike towards me on the posterior side of the attackers arm, this accelerates the normal Ki flow; in analogy this would be just as if I was pushing water downstream.  This method with both water and Ki basically increases the rate of speed and volume.  Thus by causing the Ki energy flow to increase in the arm when striking a specific point, GB 14 will also become engorged with even more Ki than normal. And if GB 14 is struck at this instant and in an upward fashion, it causes an even greater energy rush type effect than by striking it alone, again resulting in a sunstroke type effect.

In another totally separate example, if I were to strike GB 14 in a downward fashion it would lower the blood pressure, which could cause the heart to slow dramatically or even stop thus causing knock out or death (from the heart not starting up again). And if I used a set-up point in conjunction with this point, the negative effects would be further enhanced.

Dim-mak becomes even more complicated when we learn that there are certain points that when struck will cause seemingly totally unrelated parts of the body to react. For instance, if SP 20 (Spleen 20) is struck in an inward manner, it will cause either the right or left leg (whichever side was struck) to lose control and the person will fall to the ground.

5. Neurological: (Disruption of nervous system)

An example of this type of knock out is an inwards strike to the chin which pushes it back towards the upper spinal cord area.  This causes pressure on the spinal column and results in a momentary blockage of information from the central nervous system to the brain. Neurological shut down is a strange human phenomenon, which the martial artist is able to use to his advantage. There are certain parts of the face which when struck with a slapping motion will cause the whole nervous system to shut down. Martial artists wanting to show off have used this practice for years. However, the dangers of this type of strike are even worse than the others. This is because it seems as if there has been no real damage but years later the recipient of such a strike suffers from mental illness, or in the very least becomes paranoid. Certain nervous disorders will also grow over the years, all of which could have been prevented if the person showing off wasn’t irresponsible or ignorant of the effects of the strikes.

* * *


To complete the science of vital points striking one must be knowledgeable of the following:


            Every vital point, whether it is associated to a meridian point or just some anatomical structure of the body, (the latter being something like the Adams apple), has a precise science on how to locate it. 

            For example, in oriental medicine each person can find points based on their very own anatomical body structure.  One such measurement is the width of one’s thumb (called an accu-inch).  One can therefore use their own accu-inch and measure out each meridian point with complete accuracy.  Suffice to say that no two accu-inches are exactly the same. An interesting side note here is that meridians also change their pathways in the body dependant on numerous factors such as diet, stress, sickness, etc.  In acupuncture these deviations are important to note.  However, the pathways rarely (if ever) deviate beyond the effectiveness of dim-mak.  In dim-mak one does not have to be as precise in relation to a point as say an acupuncturist would need to be.  As long as one strikes in the area around the point approximately the size of a large coin the strike will be effective. 


One must learn how strikes (or healing) to certain points/meridians affect other meridians.

Direction of Strike:

            Some points only have one direction (straight in) while others have multiple directions, often with different effects.


            Light, moderate and heavy strikes produce different effects. In some cases you may only wish to drain the energy of an opponent, while in other instances you may need to knock out or even kill an opponent.  (Refer to “five ways to cause a knock out”)  

Set-up point:

            Set-up points are those which when struck a split second before another point will enhance the effect of the main strike. These can be found on most of the main points used in real self defense techniques.


            Some points have antidote points which can be used to reverse the effect of the harmful strike. However, some points are so dangerous that there is no antidote.


            No art in hurting or killing is complete without knowledge of how to heal. Although a martial artist isn’t a licensed medical doctor, they should have a decent understanding of healing techniques which they can apply in martial arts related situations/scenarios. Obvious approaches such as first aid and CPR are vital to any martial artist. But there are also methodologies whereby one can use meridian points in a healing way, such as using ones fingers, palms, elbows, etc, or even by running ones hands over the body without touching it projecting Ki energy to certain areas.


            Finally, one must know effective martial art techniques (blocking, striking, grabbing, kicking, etc) to apply dim-mak.  Consider that many people create martial arts hyung (forms) merely for their dramatic look or beauty.  But serious martial artists know that forms contain real applicable techniques for real fighting.  They know that one technique is followed by another which has a direct subsequent fighting application (block followed by strike, etc). 

Yet in the case of even more highly developed martial arts which use dim-mak forms/techniques, we learn that the hyung strategy is taken to a whole new level. Not only is there a basic block/strike type application available for anyone to learn, there are also hidden applications for those who understand dim-mak.  In these hidden applications, one learns all of the above mentioned specifics (point location, direction of strike, etc).



            Obviously through learning dim-mak one can decisively enhance their martial art. Yet to truly complete ones martial art journey (“Do” or the Way) one must develop their character, ethics and spiritual values transcending ego, striving and attaining enlightenment.

Some of the major problems with many martial arts today revolve around the over emphasis towards merely pugilistic and strenuous training approaches.  Another major problem lies with instructors who are egotistical and need to be noticed, popular or famous at the expense of the students or art. With the advent and popularity of martial sports, such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), violent and fantasy martial arts video games/movies, and the overall tendency for instant (albeit superficial) gratification, many martial artists have lost sight of the deeper more perennial aspects of our art. Suffice to say that there is a disdain or just plain apathy towards the “Do” (Way).   

It’s not that hard to hurt or even kill someone with some training.  However ask yourself, can you heal just as well?  How’s your self defense as it pertains to not only your or others physical bodies, but how is your defense against the enemies of your own psyche, emotions and other debilitating faculties?  It is incumbent that we understand the vital points of our inner being and annihilate any area which threatens our inner mastery.  Mastery of one’s self and all else will follow.


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Author: Brian Alexander

October 24, 2009

Martial arts is a broad topic based on a philosophical, scientific, artistic and spiritual approach.  The following are eight categories within the martial arts framework known as Mu Sool (Martial Skills). (1)

  • Striking/ hitting techniques
  • Avoiding and blocking techniques
  • Holding or grabbing techniques
  • Throwing techniques
  • Weapons techniques
  • Internal techniques
  • Healing techniques
  • Spiritual or metaphysical techniques


Mu Sool can also be categorized into four divisions. (2)

  • Wae Kong  – which is the externalization of Nae Kong and deals with the offensive and defensive combative applications found within martial arts.


  • Nae Kong – which deals with one’s internal energy (Ki power).


  • Moo Gi Kong – which involves the offensive and defensive use of traditional weapons.


  • Shin Kong – which is the study, development, and control of the human mind in order to attain one’s full potential and mental capabilities.


In this paper, martial arts and Taekwondo (TKD) are considered dynamic based action philosophies of Asia.  Their pragmatic science, art and philosophies revolve around the Eastern macrocosmic principal known as the Universal Law (Tao) and its microcosmic counterpart the Law of Change (Um/Yang).   Both of these in synthesis are known as Samjae (Triple Essence) where in the universe is divided into Heaven, Earth and the Human being.

The force by which all action is utilized is known as Ki.  The human’s ability to tap into this life force, via technique, is critical to the quality of energy receptivity and output they wield.  Hence, the greater ones power, knowledge, etc, the greater their connection to the Tao and subsequent Ki accessibility.  This, in turn, is proportional to the degree of balance they consciously wield in the Law of Change through their daily activity or martial arts training.

I believe that such concepts are indispensable to a comprehensive martial art as a way-of-life (”way-of-life” denoting a direct integrative synthesis between martial arts and ones daily activities).  Martial arts cannot utilize these principles optimally if there is an excessive co-dependence with external resources, such as the sciences and technology.  In other words, personal power and mastery of self is the quintessential attribute for the martial arts practitioner.  Thus, personal power is the only power one truly has control over and so any attainable information must be integrated via personal experience for it to be optimally valuable.  Validating information from anything but personal experience, regardless of what the masses do via social science, etc, can only lead to personal neglect and ignorance if direct integration and comprehension isn’t obtained.

At present Taekwondo (TKD) integrates some of the aforementioned categories and philosophy through its four core training methods, which are patterns (poomse or hyung), breaking (kyukpa), sparring (kyorugi), and self-defense techniques (hoshinsul).  

However, I am of the opinion that TKD should strive to be a more inclusive martial art eventually expanding into all eight categories, etc.  It should predominately focus on holistic paradigms, which in turn engender a stronger connection to self and martial arts as a fulfilling way-of-life.

As the world’s largest martial arts organization, with approximately 5 million black belts and 50 million practitioners residing in 170 nations, TKD has the necessary groundwork to effectively change into a more comprehensive system. (3) Such a large organization offers a vast resource for empirical research and development unpararelled by any other martial arts organization.  Conversely a major draw back due to its size, is the ability to find consensus regarding valid or accepted techniques followed by the difficult task of accurate dissemination and integration.    

However, with the advent of science and technology there has been a monumental increase in communication mediums and modes of transportation.  Such ability has made the world community smaller, contributing tremendously to the possibility of  cosmopolitan growth via person-to-person interaction unlike any in history.  As such, it is my belief that TKD has current and future resources available to facilitate a workable plan towards making it a more comprehensive martial art.

A major argument against expanding TKD into a comprehensive martial art is the appeal towards simplicity.   The theory being that the simpler the art form the more attention to detail and the greater mastery one can obtain.  While this is certainly true from a certain perspective, (this simplicity reflected in TKD’s premise that using kicking and punching predominately can be effectively utilized in most traditional combat scenario’s regardless of the opponents style of combat), it is reasonable to conclude that a grounded knowledge in other methods of defense/attack can assist in certain combative instances that the current art of TKD is not fully prepared to respond to. 

After attending the first Korean Taekwondo Association Instructions course in 1994 and subsequentially two United States Taekwondo Union Instructor courses, I have witnessed a need for comprehensive growth in TKD.  For instance, instead of these seminars being held in a metropolitan area/hotel why don’t they hold mountain style retreats instead.  Doing this would foster a stronger connection to the roots of TKD, via a strong connection to nature and simplicity.  This would set the tone for a more holistic approach that would resonate with the majority of TKD practitioners and not just sport minded athletes.  (Of course such an environment shouldn’t totally dismiss the utilization of any facilities or modern approaches via media, etc, where they may be needed.)

Also, too much emphasis is put on sport TKD and its particular technical approach.  I don’t understand this trend since the use of the whole body is needed in fighting and to forgo implementing the hands, grabbing, takedowns, weapons, etc, is unrealistic and eventually damaging to TKD as a martial arts.  Further, there are ways of conditioning the hands, etc, for kyukpa using special training methods and liniment that do not scare, disfigure, callous or redden the limbs.  And even more advance methods of conditioning using danjon hohup and meditation, which go beyond mere physical conditioning.  A comprehensive understanding of vital points for martial and healing needs should also be integrated combined with western medical approaches.   Finally, the option to defend physically doesn’t mean that physical harm should always be the end result of the conflict.  Knowing and utilizing certain non-collision/ redirecting techniques on your opponent resulting in little to no physical injury should also be a realistic option in pugilism energy/efforts.

By implementing the various topics I have generally discussed throughout this paper in a systemized and thorough manner TKD can expand its technical and scholastic repertoire to a level that few martial arts organization/ systems can compare to.  Such a change would catapult TKD to the forefront of true comprehensive martial arts and gain the respect and admiration of the martial arts community in the world.

 My views on this topic and TKD began when I meant my Master Sung Hong Park.  At the time, (in my teens), I had already studied under my cousin in an eclectic form of Shotokan and was well read on a diverse collection of martial arts.  However,  I wanted formal education.  So I chose to study with Master Park since after our meeting, I felt he represented a true master. In actuality I never sought to study TKD per say. 

In the successive years I have evaluated my choice to remain in TKD.  Overall it has been very enjoyable and good to me and yet I have often felt an affinity towards a more comprehensive system of martial arts.  I was fortunate to have a Master who had a diverse background and so this need was some what satiated.  As I mature the need to see TKD grow into a comprehensive martial art increases.  This is further prompted by TKD’s trend to disproportionately revolve around the sport and or economic/business sides which often over-shadows what I connote as the traditional martial arts values of TKD.

The term “tradition” may be a misnomer since it often precludes a static unbending concept attributed to mere culture or race.  But to me a traditional martial art doesn’t reflect a static predilection to some group or culture without room for growth.  It includes research, development and innovation, which in turn are tempered with the long time tested values of sound perennial tradition and lineage which the individual can integrate into their lives.  There is room in TKD for tradition, sport and business.  In fact it would be imprudent to disavow either since each projects a certain social pragmatic value and philosophical development. But in my humble opinion the trend to focus TKD around either the sport and or business paradigms is not as beneficial as focusing on a comprehensive martial arts approach.


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(2)   Website, http://www.hwarangdo.com/hrd3.htm.

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Author: Brian Alexander

November 2003

Alkaline vs. Acid Foods

The human body needs to be continually on the slightly alkaline side in order to maintain good health. When we begin to become more acid we feel ill, and if this conditions continues because of the food we are eating then we die! The human body cannot continue to live in an acid state.

There are many misconceptions that we have about fruit, vegetables and nuts and what is good for us and what isn’t. For instance, we all know that things like oranges, lemons and all citrus fruits are of the acid variety. What a food is to begin with is not important in this topic, what is important is what it ends up as after digestion. All fruit, regardless of whether it begins as acid or not, ends up as an alkaline ash after being burnt up by digestion.

Yet, things like meat and dairy products end up as slightly acid after being digested or as is the case, only partly digested.


Acid and Alkaline  

SOURCE: www.naturalcures.com

The pH Scale
pH is the value given to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The pH scale of values runs from 0 to 14. A reading of 0 indicates strong, complete acidity, 7 is the neutral middle way, and 14 is complete alkalinity.

Maintaining the pH of your bodily fluids is key to health and in some cases, life itself. Digestive fluids may be as low as pH 1.0. This strong acid is needed to help break down the foods you eat. Your blood must be a slightly alkaline pH 7.35 to pH 7.45 all the time. That’s a “must,” not an “it-would-be-nice.” If the pH of your blood falls much below 7.35 or raises much above 7.45 for more than a few hours, you can’t survive.

For this test, we’re concerned with the pH of your internal environment – the potential for health of the fluids in and around your cells. When we talk about the pH of your body, we mean the pH of the fluids inside and outside your cells. The body’s ideal pH is just above pH 7.0. Similar to blood pH levels, but not quite as unforgiving, when the pH of your internal environment is too far below or too high above 7.35 to 7.45, your potential for health is compromised.

Monitoring your pH gives you an indication of how well or how hard your body is working to survive your lifestyle, the foods you eat and other stresses. The acid or alkaline level of your internal environment affects how your body functions. When your body is at its pH best, it hums along smoothly and easily. And when your body hums along smoothly and easily, your life has a good chance of doing the same. When your body is at less than its pH best, its hum may turn into an exhausted moan as it works overtime to survive. And when your body is exhausted, you are exhausted.

Neutralizing Acid Ash from Foods Urine pH testing gives evidence of the effect your diet is having on your body. Most fruits, vegetables, and legumes are alkaline ash foods and pose no threat to the body. However, during digestion of high-protein foods such as meat, poultry, fish, grains, and nuts, the usable parts are absorbed to help nourish the body, but a residue that can’t be used is left behind. This residue is acid, and appropriately termed acid ash. We might say it’s the physiological equivalent of toxic waste. The acid of this residue can be quite strong. The residue itself will eventually make its way through the kidneys or bowel and out of the body; but before it is eliminated, it must be neutralized – weakened, buffered. If it isn’t neutralized, it can fry delicate kidney tissue.

Our bodies are smarter than we will ever be. Your own smart body has numerous ways to protect itself from an acid attack. The primary protection against strong acid is alkalizing minerals. These vital minerals can neutralize, or tone down, the acid from “quite strong” to “slightly strong.” Pretty clever. Unfortunately, in the process of neutralizing the acid, the minerals are eliminated right along with the residue. The vital neutralizing minerals tag along with the acid all the way out of your body. Gone forever. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that these lost minerals are easily replaced. Replacements come from the fruits and vegetables you eat. No problem – acid in the body is neutralized by minerals, replacement minerals come along in fruits and vegetables to take their place.

But suppose you don’t eat fruits and vegetables – well, not much, anyway.

Your intelligent body isn’t going to let a little thing like negligence keep it from doing what needs to be done. Your body is a survivor. If minerals that were lost aren’t replaced, other minerals jump in to do the job of neutralizing the acid threatening your system. But these substitute minerals weren’t just sitting on the bench waiting to be called into the game. They have important fulltime jobs, too. When they are called on to handle the emergency, they are taken from their primary jobs. For example, calcium is a “substitute” neutralizing mineral. Where do we keep our biggest calcium supply? Our bones. If you don’t replace neutralizing minerals by eating fruits and vegetables, calcium is taken from the bones. When you lose a lot of calcium from your bones, the disease label is osteoporosis, weak bones. It’s hard to live with your head held high, taking on the world, when your spine is gradually collapsing. Other minerals that make up your alkaline reserve are sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Your diet can be so top-heavy with acid ash foods that your neutralizing, or buffering systems are overwhelmed. There is just too much acid for them to handle – acid saturation. When acid-laden materials arrive at the kidneys, the kidneys must act to neutralize the acid fast, introducing another backup system: ammonia. The kidneys generate ammonia which has a pH of about 9.25 and raises the pH value considerably because it is so alkaline. Urine made alkaline by ammonia usually burns upon exit and/or has the same strong sharp smell of household ammonia.

So when your body is too acid for too long, it plays the game of life with a line of backup systems. These backups are either substitute minerals, or ammonia. When your body is too acid – when your internal pH is too low – the systems and organs of your body must work overtime just to stay even. But systems and organs aren’t designed to function in red-alert mode all the time. They need rest just as you do. If the red-alert goes on for months or years, systems and organs become exhausted. An exhausted body is no match for disease; eventually, disease wins.

What follows is a step-by-step overview of how the body neutralizes acids.

  1. The acid ash from many foods you regularly eat must be neutralized (buffered) before the acid is eliminated through the kidneys.
  2. Your vital mineral supply is used to neutralize the acid, and in the process these minerals are lost through the kidneys and bowel.
  3. If the neutralizing minerals aren’t replaced by eating a varied selection of quality foods, they will be taken from the body’s reserves to neutralize the acid.
  4. If the back-up neutralizing (buffer) systems aren’t up to the task, or if the body is saturated with acid from too much protein, the kidneys generate ammonia as a last-ditch effort.
  5. When the body is over-acid, buffer systems are overwhelmed, and all systems, organs, and processes are overstressed.
  6. The body’s systems and organs aren’t able to perform at their best because they have become exhausted.
  7. This exhaustion opens the door to disease.

What does all of this have to do with checking pH?

Urine pH values are your clue to whether or not your alkaline arsenal has been, or is being, used up or overwhelmed and if your ammonia backup system is taking the role of key acid neutralizer. Urine pH values indicate whether or not your body is overburdened with too much acid from too much high protein food, which creates toxicity.

Ultimately what you learn from checking your urine pH is whether or not the foods you regularly eat leave the door open to disease.

Other Sources of Acid
Your body works constantly to get rid of acid, no matter where it comes from. Acid ash-producing food isn’t the only source of acid in your body. Two other prominent sources contribute to your internal acid level: (1) cellular activity, and (2) naturally acid foods.

(1) Your cells produce acid as they function. As long as cells are alive, they work and produce acid. In addition, when you exercise, cells produce even more acid than when you are resting.

However, there’s a big difference between the acid your cells produce and the acid that you get from high-protein acid ash producing foods. In the first place, the acid from cells – physiological acid, it’s called – is a lot weaker than acid from high-protein acid ash foods. And in the second place, self-produced cellular acid doesn’t need to be neutralized by vital minerals before it is sent out of the body. Self-produced cellular acid is easily eliminated through your lungs when you breathe and when you talk.

(2) Besides cellular activity, acid is also a factor when you eat acidic fruits such as oranges and lemons. However, instead of acid fruits being a problem for your body, they contribute much needed alkalizing minerals that help to keep your internal pH under control. Acid by nature; alkaline by function.

Food Overview
Some Common Acid Ash Foods
Leave strong acid in your internal environment
Red meat, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, eggs, grains (see exceptions below), lentils, dried peas, beans, dairy products including cheese and yogurt, processed, packaged and canned foods, breakfast cereal, and everything made out of flour including bread, crackers, bakery goods, and pasta. Fried food, refined salt, artificial colors and flavors, tobacco, white vinegar, coffee, soda, hard alcohol, beer, and most nuts. Chocolate, heated honey, blueberries, bottled fruit juices, cooked spinach, peeled white potatoes. Additionally, non-prescription and prescription drugs, chemicals and pesticides, stress, anger, worry, hatred, anxiety, and exhaustion are all acid-forming.

Some Common Alkaline Ash Foods
Help to control acid in your internal environment
Most fruits including avocados, tomatoes and citrus, most vegetables, goat milk products, fermented foods, almonds, brazil nuts, amaranth, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, lima beans, soy products, raw honey, maple syrup, stevia, molasses, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. Apple cider vinegar, organic wine, sea vegetables, natural herbs and spices. Additionally, happiness, pleasure, fun, laughter, joy, peace, relaxation, and deep rest are all alkaline-forming.

Some Common Neutral Ash Foods
Leave an alkaline ash but have an acidifying effect on the body
Corn oil, corn syrup, olive oil, refined sugar, plums, prunes and cranberries.

If you choose not to seek appropriate individualized care, or even if you do, I believe that doing the following things can potentially cure disease and illness that you may currently have (provided, of course, that the condition is not past the point of no return), and prevent illness and disease from ever occurring. These recommendations are also the best way to slow, or potentially reverse, the aging process, making you look and feel younger than you have in years. In general terms the way to eradicate any and all illness and disease that you may have, prevent illness and disease from occurring in the future, and slowdown or potentially reverse the aging process is to do the following:


  • Eliminate the toxins that have built up in your system. You are loaded with toxins. The only question is, how much. You absolutely must get these toxins out of your body if you want to cure and prevent illness and disease. Getting the toxins out of your body can immediately increase energy, help you lose weight, eliminate depression and anxiety, and potentially reverse most illnesses and disease. The basic cleanses that you should do are: a) a colon cleanse; b) a liver cleanse; c) a gallbladder cleanse; d) a lung cleanse; e) a fat tissue cleanse; and f) a lymphatic cleanse.
  • Clean up and repair the damaged energy field around and in your body.
  • Open up the energy channels in your body.
  • Stop, or at least reduce, the amount of toxins coming into your body. In today’s world it is impossible to totally eliminate putting toxins in your body, but we can dramatically reduce the amount of toxins that go into our system.
  • Stop, reduce or neutralize the negative electromagnetic energy attacking your energy field and body.
  • Put in your body an abundance of life-giving nutrients that you are deficient in.
  • Put in your body food that is full of life-force energy.
  • Eliminate trapped thought patterns that are charged with negative energy.
  • Use your foods and thoughts to alkalize the body instead of acidifying the body.


SOURCE: www.naturalcures.com

  • Don’t drink tap water
    All tap water is poisonous. All tap water is loaded with chlorine and chlorine by-products. Chlorine scars your arteries and, along with hydrogenated oil and homogenized dairy products, causes heart disease. Most tap water also has fluoride, which is one of the most poisonous and disease causing agents you can put in your body. Do not drink or use tap water for any reason except for washing your floor. You need to drink water, and the water must be pure Water is instrumental not only in flushing and nourishing the body, but also in keeping it hydrated and pH balanced. I recommend drinking a minimum of six large glasses of water per day. I recommend a specific water purifier and specific bottled waters. Not all water filters or purifiers do an equally effective job. Some are much better than others. Not all bottled waters are equally pure and hydrating. Some are much better than others.


  • Do not drink canned or bottled juice


  • Drink no diet sodas
    Diet sodas have been called the “new crack” because they are so addicting. Diet sodas will actually make you gain weight as well as make you depressed. Because of the artificial sweeteners used, such as aspartame, they are also giving you a variety of medical symptoms. If you want a soda, ideally, get an organic soda from your health food store; or if you must indulge, drink a regular soda. If you were to stop drinking all diet sodas and replace them with regular soda, you would in fact lose weight. The idea that diet sodas have less calories, thus are good for weight control, is a lie. The exact opposite is true. Remember, all carbonated drinks block calcium absorption.


  • Eliminate aspartame and monosodium glutamate
    Aspartame goes by NutraSweet. Both Aspartame and MSG are classified as excitotoxins. There are three great books on this subject. Aspartame, Is it Safe?, was written by a medical doctor. Based on hundreds of case studies, the doctor concludes that aspartame is responsible for many distressing medical problems, ranging from headaches and memory loss to hyperactivity in children and seizure disorders. Next, the book Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills, also written by a medical doctor, examines how monosodium glutamate, aspartame and similar substances cause harm to the brain and nervous system, and how these substances can cause Alzheimer’s, Lou Gherig’s disease, depression, MS, and more. Lastly, In Bad Taste, The MSG Complex, again written by a medical doctor, explains how MSG is a major cause of treatable and preventable illnesses such as headaches, asthma, epilepsy, heart irregularities, depression, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


  • Do not eat any artificial sweeteners
    Artificial sweeteners are man-made chemicals. They are poisons and should never be consumed. They cause all kinds of health problems. Use raw organic honey, organic raw evaporated sugarcane juice, or the herb stevia. All are excellent choices for sweeteners. Remember, science is not better than nature.


  • Do not eat anything that comes out of a microwave oven
    Throw your microwave away. I believe that when you microwave anything it becomes energetically toxic to the body. Eating microwave food on a regular basis (this includes food that is being reheated in the microwave) weakens your immune system and causes depression and anxiety. Parents who microwave baby formula are poisoning their children unknowingly. The baby formula itself is poison; by microwaving it, it becomes even more toxic.


  • Don’t eat in fast food restaurants
    Read the book Fast Food Nation. After you have finished throwing up, be glad that you are hearing the truth now. Fast food is simply some of the most nutritionally deficient and chemically loaded “food” on the planet. If the definition of food was “fuel for the body that also encourages life,” fast food could not longer be called food. It should be called “fast, good tasting poison”, which is a more accurate description of what it is. Oh, and did I tell you that it’s designed to increase your appetite, make you physically addicted, and purposely constructed to make you obese? If you eat 15 meals per week in a fast food restaurant, you have a 90 percent chance of getting cancer or heart disease. Avoid fast food at all costs.


  • Eat no high fructose corn syrup
    If you look at the ingredients of the product you are buying and you saw sugar as the number one ingredient, you may be concerned. In order to avoid this, food manufacturers use a variety of sweeteners such as sugar, dextrose, fructose, corn syrup solids, corn syrup, high-fructose, corn syrup, maltodextrin, and a variety of others. If you were to add up all the sugars, in most cases sugar would be the number one ingredient in most of these kinds of products. High fructose corn syrup is used primarily for two reasons. First, it is very inexpensive. Secondly, it makes you fatter than the other sweeteners that could be used. The food industry wants you to be fat. Fat people eat more food, thus increasing sales and profits for the food companies. The food industry has lobbied against the public campaign “eat less, exercise more” because they do not want people to be encouraged to eat less. Doing so would decrease sales and profits. Shocking, but true.


  • Do not eat homogenized and pasteurized dairy products
    All dairy products are not created equal. Today’s milk, cheeses, and other dairy products are radically different in nutritional value and chemical composition than they were 50 years ago. American dairy products are also vastly different than dairy products in other countries. Have you ever noticed that butter from France tastes different from butter from America? Have you noticed that the same kind of cheese tastes different depending on what part of the country or world in which it was produced?

There are vast differences in dairy products due to multiple factors. These differences mean that the dairy products affect the body in vastly different ways. Example: raw milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized, that came from a cow that was organically raised, was free-roaming, grass fed, not given antibiotic or growth hormone injections, will affect the body much differently than milk coming from a genetically modified cow that has been given antibiotic and growth hormone injections, never allowed to roam, is fed chemically laced growth enhancing feed, and has been pasteurized and homogenized. The problem occurs when studies are conducted and researchers do not use raw organic milk. They use the chemically laced, pasteurized and homogenized milk. If they were to conduct the studies comparing organic raw milk versus the supermarket variety, we would see dramatically different results. The bottom line here is the standard supermarket variety of milk and dairy products are very unhealthy. Homogenization makes the dairy products scar the arteries in your body and is a leading cause of heart disease. Organic raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk, cheese and dairy products are incredibly healthy. Remember, science is not better than nature. When man gets involved and changes things from its natural state to increase profits, the food no longer is “real”; it becomes a man-made look-alike imitation.


  • Do not consume hydrogenated oil
    This is classified as a trans-fat. Hydrogenated oils are man-made products. They are toxic poisons. More importantly, they attack the artery walls and cause heart disease. They also attack the liver, spleen, intestine, kidneys and gallbladder, causing the internal organs to operate much less efficiently. The bad news is that hydrogenated oil is in virtually every product you buy! The good news is that if you shop at a health food or whole food store, and if you read the labels, you can find many of the products you buy now without hydrogenated oil. This is a good example of how medical science says something is bad, and then later reverses their position. For years heart patients were told to stay away from butter because it was bad for your heart. Instead, they were told to use margarine. Unfortunately, most all margarines are 100 percent hydrogenated oil. Margarines are a man-made unnatural product that is deadly poison to the body. Now we hear from the same doctors and medical community that margarine is, in fact, much worse than butter. Stay away from hydrogenated oils and trans-fats at all costs.


  • If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin
    Your skin is the largest organ in the body. Whatever you put on your skin goes into the body. Many of the things we put on our skin from antiperspirant moisturizing lotions, cosmetics, insect repellent, sunscreen and perfume are so poisonous that if you put it in your mouth you would die within minutes. I know for many of you this is unrealistic. Remember that I said that if you can’t do something 100 percent, do the best you can. If you can’t eliminate everything at least reduce the amount of poison you put on your skin.

46. Don’t eat anything in a box, can, jar or package Wow! This is a tough one. If it comes in any massed produced packaging, that means it came from a mass production processing plant. If you have ever been in a mass production food processing facility, you would understand what I am talking about. Remember that there are over 15,000 chemicals that are routinely put into the food in the processing cycle that do not have to be listed on the label. Even if you read the ingredient list on the package, there is an excellent chance that the food itself has been produced with chemicals and chemicals have been added. So, virtually all food that you buy at the supermarket that comes in a package is loaded with dangerous chemicals. Secondly, the mass production processing dramatically changes the energetic structure of the food, as proven with the use of Kirlian photography.

Massed produced food in packages is simply unhealthy. Please do not believe what the fancy packaging says. The food companies are only interested in profits and getting you to buy the food. They are allowed to lie, deceive, and mislead so that they can coerce you to buy their product. If you must buy something in a box, jar, can, or package, buy something that was produced by hand in a very small facility. Also look for the words “organic” and read the ingredient list. It still may not be great, but at least it’s better than buying mass produced, non-organic products. Do not be deceived by the words “all natural”, “fat free”, “sugar free”, “low in carbs”, “light”, “healthy”, etc. The food industry has lobbied congress to allow these words to be put on virtually anything. They are meaningless, deceptive and, in my opinion, fraudulent.


  • Do not eat farm raised fish
    Companies produce farm raised fish to make a profit. Farm raised fish are given unnatural feed and can be highly toxic compared to their natural wild counterparts. Stay away from any fish that has been farm raised.


  • Do not eat pork
    Remember, you are what you eat. Pork is a highly toxic diseased food. A pig eats anything in its path, including its own feces. Whatever it eats turns to meat on its bones in a few hours. All pork products are laced with disease and viruses. It is toxic and unhealthy. The human body virtually goes into toxic shock by consuming pork. Massive amounts of blood and energy go to the stomach and intestines to help breakdown and digest this toxic material. Pork is never fully digested in the human body; however, the human digestive system works nonstop in overdrive for up to 18 hours attempting to neutralize and digest pork. If you didn’t eat pork for 30 days and then had some, there is an excellent chance you would be violently ill. Eliminating pork, or at least reducing it dramatically, can have a profound impact on your health and sense of wellbeing. Try and see.


  • Do not eat shellfish
    More people are allergic to shellfish than any other food on the planet. More people get sick from eating shellfish than any other food. More people die from eating shellfish than any other food. Any fish that does not have scales and fins should be avoided. This includes clams, muscles, shrimp, lobster, crab, squid, eel, catfish, shark, etc. The fish must have scales and fins. Catfish, for example, has fins but no scales. It is interesting that this is one of the kosher dietary laws. Today, we know that fish with scales and fins do not absorb the toxins in the water as readily as sea creatures that do not have both scales and fins.

I grew up in the Boston area. I loved my shellfish more than any other seafood. Occasionally, a algae in the water called the “Red Tide” would infest the local shores. When this occurred, warnings went out not to eat any shellfish, for doing so could cause sickness and death. However, you could eat the haddock, mackerel, or flounder. You see the fish that had scales and fins did not absorb the poisons into its edible flesh; however, shellfish or any fish that did not have both scales and fins would absorb the toxins and could cause sickness and death. All sea creatures that do not have scales and fins are loaded with toxins and should be avoided.


  • Do not eat white processed flour
    White processed flour is similar to white sugar. It comes from grain that has been chemically treated in the growing process, stripped of all its natural fiber and nutrients, and chemically bleached to make it a pretty white. White flour mixed with water makes paste. You use it to make paper mache. It turns hard as a rock. That’s what happens when you eat it. It is an unnatural product that the body does not know how to digest. It has little nutritional value, no life force, and spikes your insulin and causes constipation. Use organic whole wheat flour that has been minimally processed, or buy organic wheat and grind it yourself.


  • Do not eat white processed sugar
    Sugarcane, when grown organically, pressed, and dried, creates pure, unprocessed living sugar. You can purchase this in health food stores. It is healthy and good for you. White table sugar, however, is grown with dangerous chemicals, processed, stripped of all its nutritional value and heated, destroying any living vitality that it had. White sugar is a product that has such powerful adverse affects on the body it could be classified as a drug. Real, unprocessed, raw, evaporated cane juice, which is real sugar, is good for you. White sugar is poison. The chemicals used in the growing of sugarcane are known to cause cancer in sea turtles. Those poisonous chemicals used in the growing still remain in the product you buy in the store.


  • Eat nothing that says “fat free” on the label
    Food companies want you to buy their products. Whatever the hot button is at the time will determine what their marketing people decide goes on the label. “Fat free” does not mean “healthy”. When you see “fat free” on the label, be assured that the company is trying to deceive you, so don’t buy it. Most fat free products are simply loaded with unbelievable amounts of sugar.


  • Eat nothing that says “sugar free” on the label
    It if says sugar free on the label there is a good chance the product is laced with artificial sweeteners. Don’t buy it.


  • Eat nothing that says “low carbs” or “net carbs” on the label
    This is the current hot button. The biggest scam going now is the term “net carbs”. Manufactures load up these products with chemicals and artificial sweeteners that they claim have negligible results on insulin levels, so they do not count these real carbohydrates in the net carb number. A product that says it has two net carbs could have as many as 40 grams of real carbohydrates. Do not buy these products, as you know that the manufacturers are simply trying to take advantage of the current fad to sell you their products.


  • Do not eat “food bars”
    Food bars are man-made products filled with chemicals to provide, first and foremost, good taste. They are highly processed and should be avoided. There are a few all-raw organic food bars. Check at your local health food store and read the ingredient list.


  • Do not eat diet or protein shakes
    Like food bars, these are produced by companies whose goal is to make them taste great using the cheapest ingredients possible. With rare exception they should be avoided at all costs.


  • Don’t eat late
    It is best to stop eating at 7:00 PM.


  • Do not take vitamin supplements
    Many companies selling vitamins are only doing so to make money. There are many grades of individual vitamins. Most companies use the cheapest grades available. These inexpensive “vitamins” in many cases are chemically produced and are not natural. Most vitamin pills have vitamins and minerals in a proportion never found in nature.

It is true that you are most assuredly deficient in vitamins and minerals. The best way to correct this deficiency is by juicing. The second best way is to take whole food supplements. These are not vitamin and mineral pills. Whole food supplements simply take organically produced vegetables and fruits and concentrate them into a convenient tablet that you can take. When you take a whole food supplement you are getting all the vitamins and minerals in the proportion that nature intended. You are also getting the enzymes and cofactors present in nature. It is interesting to note that many natural plants have up to 30 percent of their composition that defies scientific analysis. That simply means that when you take a whole food supplement not only are you getting vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cofactors in the precise proportion nature intended, you are also getting all of the things that science has not discovered yet. Again, I am forbidden to give you my recommendations here in this book.


  • Do not use corn oil
    Corn oil is a man-made product. If you took an olive you could squeeze it and you would have oil. But you can’t squeeze corn and get oil. Remember, if it is man-made it, don’t eat it.

SOURCE: www.naturalcures.com