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Alkaline vs. Acid Foods

Alkaline vs. Acid Foods

The human body needs to be continually on the slightly alkaline side in order to maintain good health. When we begin to become more acid we feel ill, and if this conditions continues because of the food we are eating then we die! The human body cannot continue to live in an acid state.

There are many misconceptions that we have about fruit, vegetables and nuts and what is good for us and what isn’t. For instance, we all know that things like oranges, lemons and all citrus fruits are of the acid variety. What a food is to begin with is not important in this topic, what is important is what it ends up as after digestion. All fruit, regardless of whether it begins as acid or not, ends up as an alkaline ash after being burnt up by digestion.

Yet, things like meat and dairy products end up as slightly acid after being digested or as is the case, only partly digested.


Acid and Alkaline  

SOURCE: www.naturalcures.com

The pH Scale
pH is the value given to indicate the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The pH scale of values runs from 0 to 14. A reading of 0 indicates strong, complete acidity, 7 is the neutral middle way, and 14 is complete alkalinity.

Maintaining the pH of your bodily fluids is key to health and in some cases, life itself. Digestive fluids may be as low as pH 1.0. This strong acid is needed to help break down the foods you eat. Your blood must be a slightly alkaline pH 7.35 to pH 7.45 all the time. That’s a “must,” not an “it-would-be-nice.” If the pH of your blood falls much below 7.35 or raises much above 7.45 for more than a few hours, you can’t survive.

For this test, we’re concerned with the pH of your internal environment – the potential for health of the fluids in and around your cells. When we talk about the pH of your body, we mean the pH of the fluids inside and outside your cells. The body’s ideal pH is just above pH 7.0. Similar to blood pH levels, but not quite as unforgiving, when the pH of your internal environment is too far below or too high above 7.35 to 7.45, your potential for health is compromised.

Monitoring your pH gives you an indication of how well or how hard your body is working to survive your lifestyle, the foods you eat and other stresses. The acid or alkaline level of your internal environment affects how your body functions. When your body is at its pH best, it hums along smoothly and easily. And when your body hums along smoothly and easily, your life has a good chance of doing the same. When your body is at less than its pH best, its hum may turn into an exhausted moan as it works overtime to survive. And when your body is exhausted, you are exhausted.

Neutralizing Acid Ash from Foods Urine pH testing gives evidence of the effect your diet is having on your body. Most fruits, vegetables, and legumes are alkaline ash foods and pose no threat to the body. However, during digestion of high-protein foods such as meat, poultry, fish, grains, and nuts, the usable parts are absorbed to help nourish the body, but a residue that can’t be used is left behind. This residue is acid, and appropriately termed acid ash. We might say it’s the physiological equivalent of toxic waste. The acid of this residue can be quite strong. The residue itself will eventually make its way through the kidneys or bowel and out of the body; but before it is eliminated, it must be neutralized – weakened, buffered. If it isn’t neutralized, it can fry delicate kidney tissue.

Our bodies are smarter than we will ever be. Your own smart body has numerous ways to protect itself from an acid attack. The primary protection against strong acid is alkalizing minerals. These vital minerals can neutralize, or tone down, the acid from “quite strong” to “slightly strong.” Pretty clever. Unfortunately, in the process of neutralizing the acid, the minerals are eliminated right along with the residue. The vital neutralizing minerals tag along with the acid all the way out of your body. Gone forever. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that these lost minerals are easily replaced. Replacements come from the fruits and vegetables you eat. No problem – acid in the body is neutralized by minerals, replacement minerals come along in fruits and vegetables to take their place.

But suppose you don’t eat fruits and vegetables – well, not much, anyway.

Your intelligent body isn’t going to let a little thing like negligence keep it from doing what needs to be done. Your body is a survivor. If minerals that were lost aren’t replaced, other minerals jump in to do the job of neutralizing the acid threatening your system. But these substitute minerals weren’t just sitting on the bench waiting to be called into the game. They have important fulltime jobs, too. When they are called on to handle the emergency, they are taken from their primary jobs. For example, calcium is a “substitute” neutralizing mineral. Where do we keep our biggest calcium supply? Our bones. If you don’t replace neutralizing minerals by eating fruits and vegetables, calcium is taken from the bones. When you lose a lot of calcium from your bones, the disease label is osteoporosis, weak bones. It’s hard to live with your head held high, taking on the world, when your spine is gradually collapsing. Other minerals that make up your alkaline reserve are sodium, potassium, magnesium, and iron.

Your diet can be so top-heavy with acid ash foods that your neutralizing, or buffering systems are overwhelmed. There is just too much acid for them to handle – acid saturation. When acid-laden materials arrive at the kidneys, the kidneys must act to neutralize the acid fast, introducing another backup system: ammonia. The kidneys generate ammonia which has a pH of about 9.25 and raises the pH value considerably because it is so alkaline. Urine made alkaline by ammonia usually burns upon exit and/or has the same strong sharp smell of household ammonia.

So when your body is too acid for too long, it plays the game of life with a line of backup systems. These backups are either substitute minerals, or ammonia. When your body is too acid – when your internal pH is too low – the systems and organs of your body must work overtime just to stay even. But systems and organs aren’t designed to function in red-alert mode all the time. They need rest just as you do. If the red-alert goes on for months or years, systems and organs become exhausted. An exhausted body is no match for disease; eventually, disease wins.

What follows is a step-by-step overview of how the body neutralizes acids.

  1. The acid ash from many foods you regularly eat must be neutralized (buffered) before the acid is eliminated through the kidneys.
  2. Your vital mineral supply is used to neutralize the acid, and in the process these minerals are lost through the kidneys and bowel.
  3. If the neutralizing minerals aren’t replaced by eating a varied selection of quality foods, they will be taken from the body’s reserves to neutralize the acid.
  4. If the back-up neutralizing (buffer) systems aren’t up to the task, or if the body is saturated with acid from too much protein, the kidneys generate ammonia as a last-ditch effort.
  5. When the body is over-acid, buffer systems are overwhelmed, and all systems, organs, and processes are overstressed.
  6. The body’s systems and organs aren’t able to perform at their best because they have become exhausted.
  7. This exhaustion opens the door to disease.

What does all of this have to do with checking pH?

Urine pH values are your clue to whether or not your alkaline arsenal has been, or is being, used up or overwhelmed and if your ammonia backup system is taking the role of key acid neutralizer. Urine pH values indicate whether or not your body is overburdened with too much acid from too much high protein food, which creates toxicity.

Ultimately what you learn from checking your urine pH is whether or not the foods you regularly eat leave the door open to disease.

Other Sources of Acid
Your body works constantly to get rid of acid, no matter where it comes from. Acid ash-producing food isn’t the only source of acid in your body. Two other prominent sources contribute to your internal acid level: (1) cellular activity, and (2) naturally acid foods.

(1) Your cells produce acid as they function. As long as cells are alive, they work and produce acid. In addition, when you exercise, cells produce even more acid than when you are resting.

However, there’s a big difference between the acid your cells produce and the acid that you get from high-protein acid ash producing foods. In the first place, the acid from cells – physiological acid, it’s called – is a lot weaker than acid from high-protein acid ash foods. And in the second place, self-produced cellular acid doesn’t need to be neutralized by vital minerals before it is sent out of the body. Self-produced cellular acid is easily eliminated through your lungs when you breathe and when you talk.

(2) Besides cellular activity, acid is also a factor when you eat acidic fruits such as oranges and lemons. However, instead of acid fruits being a problem for your body, they contribute much needed alkalizing minerals that help to keep your internal pH under control. Acid by nature; alkaline by function.

Food Overview
Some Common Acid Ash Foods
Leave strong acid in your internal environment
Red meat, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, eggs, grains (see exceptions below), lentils, dried peas, beans, dairy products including cheese and yogurt, processed, packaged and canned foods, breakfast cereal, and everything made out of flour including bread, crackers, bakery goods, and pasta. Fried food, refined salt, artificial colors and flavors, tobacco, white vinegar, coffee, soda, hard alcohol, beer, and most nuts. Chocolate, heated honey, blueberries, bottled fruit juices, cooked spinach, peeled white potatoes. Additionally, non-prescription and prescription drugs, chemicals and pesticides, stress, anger, worry, hatred, anxiety, and exhaustion are all acid-forming.

Some Common Alkaline Ash Foods
Help to control acid in your internal environment
Most fruits including avocados, tomatoes and citrus, most vegetables, goat milk products, fermented foods, almonds, brazil nuts, amaranth, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, lima beans, soy products, raw honey, maple syrup, stevia, molasses, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes. Apple cider vinegar, organic wine, sea vegetables, natural herbs and spices. Additionally, happiness, pleasure, fun, laughter, joy, peace, relaxation, and deep rest are all alkaline-forming.

Some Common Neutral Ash Foods
Leave an alkaline ash but have an acidifying effect on the body
Corn oil, corn syrup, olive oil, refined sugar, plums, prunes and cranberries.

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If you choose not to seek appropriate individualized care, or even if you do, I believe that doing the following things can potentially cure disease and illness that you may currently have (provided, of course, that the condition is not past the point of no return), and prevent illness and disease from ever occurring. These recommendations are also the best way to slow, or potentially reverse, the aging process, making you look and feel younger than you have in years. In general terms the way to eradicate any and all illness and disease that you may have, prevent illness and disease from occurring in the future, and slowdown or potentially reverse the aging process is to do the following:


  • Eliminate the toxins that have built up in your system. You are loaded with toxins. The only question is, how much. You absolutely must get these toxins out of your body if you want to cure and prevent illness and disease. Getting the toxins out of your body can immediately increase energy, help you lose weight, eliminate depression and anxiety, and potentially reverse most illnesses and disease. The basic cleanses that you should do are: a) a colon cleanse; b) a liver cleanse; c) a gallbladder cleanse; d) a lung cleanse; e) a fat tissue cleanse; and f) a lymphatic cleanse.
  • Clean up and repair the damaged energy field around and in your body.
  • Open up the energy channels in your body.
  • Stop, or at least reduce, the amount of toxins coming into your body. In today’s world it is impossible to totally eliminate putting toxins in your body, but we can dramatically reduce the amount of toxins that go into our system.
  • Stop, reduce or neutralize the negative electromagnetic energy attacking your energy field and body.
  • Put in your body an abundance of life-giving nutrients that you are deficient in.
  • Put in your body food that is full of life-force energy.
  • Eliminate trapped thought patterns that are charged with negative energy.
  • Use your foods and thoughts to alkalize the body instead of acidifying the body.


SOURCE: www.naturalcures.com

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  • Don’t drink tap water
    All tap water is poisonous. All tap water is loaded with chlorine and chlorine by-products. Chlorine scars your arteries and, along with hydrogenated oil and homogenized dairy products, causes heart disease. Most tap water also has fluoride, which is one of the most poisonous and disease causing agents you can put in your body. Do not drink or use tap water for any reason except for washing your floor. You need to drink water, and the water must be pure Water is instrumental not only in flushing and nourishing the body, but also in keeping it hydrated and pH balanced. I recommend drinking a minimum of six large glasses of water per day. I recommend a specific water purifier and specific bottled waters. Not all water filters or purifiers do an equally effective job. Some are much better than others. Not all bottled waters are equally pure and hydrating. Some are much better than others.


  • Do not drink canned or bottled juice


  • Drink no diet sodas
    Diet sodas have been called the “new crack” because they are so addicting. Diet sodas will actually make you gain weight as well as make you depressed. Because of the artificial sweeteners used, such as aspartame, they are also giving you a variety of medical symptoms. If you want a soda, ideally, get an organic soda from your health food store; or if you must indulge, drink a regular soda. If you were to stop drinking all diet sodas and replace them with regular soda, you would in fact lose weight. The idea that diet sodas have less calories, thus are good for weight control, is a lie. The exact opposite is true. Remember, all carbonated drinks block calcium absorption.


  • Eliminate aspartame and monosodium glutamate
    Aspartame goes by NutraSweet. Both Aspartame and MSG are classified as excitotoxins. There are three great books on this subject. Aspartame, Is it Safe?, was written by a medical doctor. Based on hundreds of case studies, the doctor concludes that aspartame is responsible for many distressing medical problems, ranging from headaches and memory loss to hyperactivity in children and seizure disorders. Next, the book Excitotoxins, The Taste That Kills, also written by a medical doctor, examines how monosodium glutamate, aspartame and similar substances cause harm to the brain and nervous system, and how these substances can cause Alzheimer’s, Lou Gherig’s disease, depression, MS, and more. Lastly, In Bad Taste, The MSG Complex, again written by a medical doctor, explains how MSG is a major cause of treatable and preventable illnesses such as headaches, asthma, epilepsy, heart irregularities, depression, and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.


  • Do not eat any artificial sweeteners
    Artificial sweeteners are man-made chemicals. They are poisons and should never be consumed. They cause all kinds of health problems. Use raw organic honey, organic raw evaporated sugarcane juice, or the herb stevia. All are excellent choices for sweeteners. Remember, science is not better than nature.


  • Do not eat anything that comes out of a microwave oven
    Throw your microwave away. I believe that when you microwave anything it becomes energetically toxic to the body. Eating microwave food on a regular basis (this includes food that is being reheated in the microwave) weakens your immune system and causes depression and anxiety. Parents who microwave baby formula are poisoning their children unknowingly. The baby formula itself is poison; by microwaving it, it becomes even more toxic.


  • Don’t eat in fast food restaurants
    Read the book Fast Food Nation. After you have finished throwing up, be glad that you are hearing the truth now. Fast food is simply some of the most nutritionally deficient and chemically loaded “food” on the planet. If the definition of food was “fuel for the body that also encourages life,” fast food could not longer be called food. It should be called “fast, good tasting poison”, which is a more accurate description of what it is. Oh, and did I tell you that it’s designed to increase your appetite, make you physically addicted, and purposely constructed to make you obese? If you eat 15 meals per week in a fast food restaurant, you have a 90 percent chance of getting cancer or heart disease. Avoid fast food at all costs.


  • Eat no high fructose corn syrup
    If you look at the ingredients of the product you are buying and you saw sugar as the number one ingredient, you may be concerned. In order to avoid this, food manufacturers use a variety of sweeteners such as sugar, dextrose, fructose, corn syrup solids, corn syrup, high-fructose, corn syrup, maltodextrin, and a variety of others. If you were to add up all the sugars, in most cases sugar would be the number one ingredient in most of these kinds of products. High fructose corn syrup is used primarily for two reasons. First, it is very inexpensive. Secondly, it makes you fatter than the other sweeteners that could be used. The food industry wants you to be fat. Fat people eat more food, thus increasing sales and profits for the food companies. The food industry has lobbied against the public campaign “eat less, exercise more” because they do not want people to be encouraged to eat less. Doing so would decrease sales and profits. Shocking, but true.


  • Do not eat homogenized and pasteurized dairy products
    All dairy products are not created equal. Today’s milk, cheeses, and other dairy products are radically different in nutritional value and chemical composition than they were 50 years ago. American dairy products are also vastly different than dairy products in other countries. Have you ever noticed that butter from France tastes different from butter from America? Have you noticed that the same kind of cheese tastes different depending on what part of the country or world in which it was produced?

There are vast differences in dairy products due to multiple factors. These differences mean that the dairy products affect the body in vastly different ways. Example: raw milk that has not been pasteurized or homogenized, that came from a cow that was organically raised, was free-roaming, grass fed, not given antibiotic or growth hormone injections, will affect the body much differently than milk coming from a genetically modified cow that has been given antibiotic and growth hormone injections, never allowed to roam, is fed chemically laced growth enhancing feed, and has been pasteurized and homogenized. The problem occurs when studies are conducted and researchers do not use raw organic milk. They use the chemically laced, pasteurized and homogenized milk. If they were to conduct the studies comparing organic raw milk versus the supermarket variety, we would see dramatically different results. The bottom line here is the standard supermarket variety of milk and dairy products are very unhealthy. Homogenization makes the dairy products scar the arteries in your body and is a leading cause of heart disease. Organic raw, unpasteurized, unhomogenized milk, cheese and dairy products are incredibly healthy. Remember, science is not better than nature. When man gets involved and changes things from its natural state to increase profits, the food no longer is “real”; it becomes a man-made look-alike imitation.


  • Do not consume hydrogenated oil
    This is classified as a trans-fat. Hydrogenated oils are man-made products. They are toxic poisons. More importantly, they attack the artery walls and cause heart disease. They also attack the liver, spleen, intestine, kidneys and gallbladder, causing the internal organs to operate much less efficiently. The bad news is that hydrogenated oil is in virtually every product you buy! The good news is that if you shop at a health food or whole food store, and if you read the labels, you can find many of the products you buy now without hydrogenated oil. This is a good example of how medical science says something is bad, and then later reverses their position. For years heart patients were told to stay away from butter because it was bad for your heart. Instead, they were told to use margarine. Unfortunately, most all margarines are 100 percent hydrogenated oil. Margarines are a man-made unnatural product that is deadly poison to the body. Now we hear from the same doctors and medical community that margarine is, in fact, much worse than butter. Stay away from hydrogenated oils and trans-fats at all costs.


  • If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin
    Your skin is the largest organ in the body. Whatever you put on your skin goes into the body. Many of the things we put on our skin from antiperspirant moisturizing lotions, cosmetics, insect repellent, sunscreen and perfume are so poisonous that if you put it in your mouth you would die within minutes. I know for many of you this is unrealistic. Remember that I said that if you can’t do something 100 percent, do the best you can. If you can’t eliminate everything at least reduce the amount of poison you put on your skin.

46. Don’t eat anything in a box, can, jar or package Wow! This is a tough one. If it comes in any massed produced packaging, that means it came from a mass production processing plant. If you have ever been in a mass production food processing facility, you would understand what I am talking about. Remember that there are over 15,000 chemicals that are routinely put into the food in the processing cycle that do not have to be listed on the label. Even if you read the ingredient list on the package, there is an excellent chance that the food itself has been produced with chemicals and chemicals have been added. So, virtually all food that you buy at the supermarket that comes in a package is loaded with dangerous chemicals. Secondly, the mass production processing dramatically changes the energetic structure of the food, as proven with the use of Kirlian photography.

Massed produced food in packages is simply unhealthy. Please do not believe what the fancy packaging says. The food companies are only interested in profits and getting you to buy the food. They are allowed to lie, deceive, and mislead so that they can coerce you to buy their product. If you must buy something in a box, jar, can, or package, buy something that was produced by hand in a very small facility. Also look for the words “organic” and read the ingredient list. It still may not be great, but at least it’s better than buying mass produced, non-organic products. Do not be deceived by the words “all natural”, “fat free”, “sugar free”, “low in carbs”, “light”, “healthy”, etc. The food industry has lobbied congress to allow these words to be put on virtually anything. They are meaningless, deceptive and, in my opinion, fraudulent.


  • Do not eat farm raised fish
    Companies produce farm raised fish to make a profit. Farm raised fish are given unnatural feed and can be highly toxic compared to their natural wild counterparts. Stay away from any fish that has been farm raised.


  • Do not eat pork
    Remember, you are what you eat. Pork is a highly toxic diseased food. A pig eats anything in its path, including its own feces. Whatever it eats turns to meat on its bones in a few hours. All pork products are laced with disease and viruses. It is toxic and unhealthy. The human body virtually goes into toxic shock by consuming pork. Massive amounts of blood and energy go to the stomach and intestines to help breakdown and digest this toxic material. Pork is never fully digested in the human body; however, the human digestive system works nonstop in overdrive for up to 18 hours attempting to neutralize and digest pork. If you didn’t eat pork for 30 days and then had some, there is an excellent chance you would be violently ill. Eliminating pork, or at least reducing it dramatically, can have a profound impact on your health and sense of wellbeing. Try and see.


  • Do not eat shellfish
    More people are allergic to shellfish than any other food on the planet. More people get sick from eating shellfish than any other food. More people die from eating shellfish than any other food. Any fish that does not have scales and fins should be avoided. This includes clams, muscles, shrimp, lobster, crab, squid, eel, catfish, shark, etc. The fish must have scales and fins. Catfish, for example, has fins but no scales. It is interesting that this is one of the kosher dietary laws. Today, we know that fish with scales and fins do not absorb the toxins in the water as readily as sea creatures that do not have both scales and fins.

I grew up in the Boston area. I loved my shellfish more than any other seafood. Occasionally, a algae in the water called the “Red Tide” would infest the local shores. When this occurred, warnings went out not to eat any shellfish, for doing so could cause sickness and death. However, you could eat the haddock, mackerel, or flounder. You see the fish that had scales and fins did not absorb the poisons into its edible flesh; however, shellfish or any fish that did not have both scales and fins would absorb the toxins and could cause sickness and death. All sea creatures that do not have scales and fins are loaded with toxins and should be avoided.


  • Do not eat white processed flour
    White processed flour is similar to white sugar. It comes from grain that has been chemically treated in the growing process, stripped of all its natural fiber and nutrients, and chemically bleached to make it a pretty white. White flour mixed with water makes paste. You use it to make paper mache. It turns hard as a rock. That’s what happens when you eat it. It is an unnatural product that the body does not know how to digest. It has little nutritional value, no life force, and spikes your insulin and causes constipation. Use organic whole wheat flour that has been minimally processed, or buy organic wheat and grind it yourself.


  • Do not eat white processed sugar
    Sugarcane, when grown organically, pressed, and dried, creates pure, unprocessed living sugar. You can purchase this in health food stores. It is healthy and good for you. White table sugar, however, is grown with dangerous chemicals, processed, stripped of all its nutritional value and heated, destroying any living vitality that it had. White sugar is a product that has such powerful adverse affects on the body it could be classified as a drug. Real, unprocessed, raw, evaporated cane juice, which is real sugar, is good for you. White sugar is poison. The chemicals used in the growing of sugarcane are known to cause cancer in sea turtles. Those poisonous chemicals used in the growing still remain in the product you buy in the store.


  • Eat nothing that says “fat free” on the label
    Food companies want you to buy their products. Whatever the hot button is at the time will determine what their marketing people decide goes on the label. “Fat free” does not mean “healthy”. When you see “fat free” on the label, be assured that the company is trying to deceive you, so don’t buy it. Most fat free products are simply loaded with unbelievable amounts of sugar.


  • Eat nothing that says “sugar free” on the label
    It if says sugar free on the label there is a good chance the product is laced with artificial sweeteners. Don’t buy it.


  • Eat nothing that says “low carbs” or “net carbs” on the label
    This is the current hot button. The biggest scam going now is the term “net carbs”. Manufactures load up these products with chemicals and artificial sweeteners that they claim have negligible results on insulin levels, so they do not count these real carbohydrates in the net carb number. A product that says it has two net carbs could have as many as 40 grams of real carbohydrates. Do not buy these products, as you know that the manufacturers are simply trying to take advantage of the current fad to sell you their products.


  • Do not eat “food bars”
    Food bars are man-made products filled with chemicals to provide, first and foremost, good taste. They are highly processed and should be avoided. There are a few all-raw organic food bars. Check at your local health food store and read the ingredient list.


  • Do not eat diet or protein shakes
    Like food bars, these are produced by companies whose goal is to make them taste great using the cheapest ingredients possible. With rare exception they should be avoided at all costs.


  • Don’t eat late
    It is best to stop eating at 7:00 PM.


  • Do not take vitamin supplements
    Many companies selling vitamins are only doing so to make money. There are many grades of individual vitamins. Most companies use the cheapest grades available. These inexpensive “vitamins” in many cases are chemically produced and are not natural. Most vitamin pills have vitamins and minerals in a proportion never found in nature.

It is true that you are most assuredly deficient in vitamins and minerals. The best way to correct this deficiency is by juicing. The second best way is to take whole food supplements. These are not vitamin and mineral pills. Whole food supplements simply take organically produced vegetables and fruits and concentrate them into a convenient tablet that you can take. When you take a whole food supplement you are getting all the vitamins and minerals in the proportion that nature intended. You are also getting the enzymes and cofactors present in nature. It is interesting to note that many natural plants have up to 30 percent of their composition that defies scientific analysis. That simply means that when you take a whole food supplement not only are you getting vitamins, minerals, enzymes and cofactors in the precise proportion nature intended, you are also getting all of the things that science has not discovered yet. Again, I am forbidden to give you my recommendations here in this book.


  • Do not use corn oil
    Corn oil is a man-made product. If you took an olive you could squeeze it and you would have oil. But you can’t squeeze corn and get oil. Remember, if it is man-made it, don’t eat it.

SOURCE: www.naturalcures.com

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Am I Getting Proper Nutrition?

Nutrition (physiology) is the organic process of nourishing or being nourished; the processes by which an organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and maintenance. 

Without proper nutrition you  just can’t function optimally. You risk less than optimal performance in whatever you do, (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc), along with becoming more susceptible to illness and disease.

What are the physiological based nutrients that we need:

  • Proteins – essential to growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues
  • Fats – one source of energy and important in relation to fat soluble vitamins
  • Carbohydrates – our main source of energy
  • Minerals – those inorganic elements occurring in the body and which are critical to its normal functions
  • Vitamins – water and fat soluble vitamins play important roles in many chemical processes in the body
  • Water – essential to normal body function – as a vehicle for carrying other nutrients and because 60% of the human body is water
  • Roughage – the fibrous indigestible portion of our diet essential to health of the digestive system

Now, with this knowledge the next step is to be able to identify the best sources of Nutrition.  There is nutrition and then there is NUTRITION. We are concerned with the latter. 

So educate yourself and read the other articles in our HEALTH section to gain a greater understanding on this important subject.


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Emotional & Physical Fitness

  • Get natural sunlight
    Go for a walk in the sun! Your body needs sunlight. Do not use sunglasses or sun screens. The sun enters through the eyes and stimulates energy in the entire body. Thirty minutes a day, minimum, in the sun promotes incredible health benefits. Remember, it is the sun that creates growth in plants. The solar energy from sun can be very alkalizing to the body; it reduces depression, and strengthens your immune system. Don’t be misled by the medical establishment. The sun is good for you and absolutely needed.


  •  Sweat
    Your body is supposed to sweat. It is a very natural way to eliminate toxins. If you don’t sweat, toxins build up in the system. The best way to sweat is in a dry sauna.


  • Walk
    People in America are exercising more than ever before, but the amount of walking has dramatically decreased. People in most foreign countries walk between ten and 100 times more than Americans. The body is designed to walk. Walking outside reduces stress, stimulates the lymphatic system, promotes a thin, lean body, and walking and looking at the world eliminates depression and dramatically reduces stress.


  • Use Callahan techniques for urges
    Phobias, stress, uncontrollable urges to eat when you’re not hungry, can all be eliminated by using a simple five-minute technique developed by Roger Callahan. His book is called Tapping the Power Within.


  • Sleep eight hours
    Ideally, get a full eight hours of solid, deep, restful sleep every night.


  • Go to bed at approximately 10:00 p.m. and arise at approximately 6:00 a.m.
    In Ayurvedic medicine it is believed that there are cycles that are the most conducive for certain activities. Going to bed at 10:00 p.m. and arising at 6:00 a.m. appears to allow the body to rest the deepest, rejuvenate the most, and gives the person the most energy throughout the day.


  • Use a rebounder
    A rebounder is a mini trampoline. Simply using this device for five minutes a day can provide more cellular benefit than almost any other form of exercise. A rebounder stimulates every cell in the body simultaneously. It stimulates the immune system and is incredibly effective at cleansing toxins out of the cells. It promotes and stimulates all major organs and glands, strengthens the immune system and dramatically strengthens and tones the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A truly spectacular and incredibly quick form of exercise.


  • Do Chi Kung
    Chi Kung is similar to tai chi in that it is a series of movements that stimulate strength, energy flow, increased energy and many other health benefits. There is a man from Tennessee who is in his 60s. He has the body and skin of an athlete in his 30s. No one would ever guess this man’s age. He practices most of the concepts described in this book. One of the things he does which he believes is a major cause of his youthful appearance and incredible health is doing ten minutes a day of chi kung. Because the earth’s magnetic energy is so much lower today than it was thousands of years ago, he does the simple movements standing on very powerful magnets. This technique is very effective. Practitioners usually feel a major increase in physical energy within just a few days. Sleeping is improved and people report an increased sense of calmness and wellbeing. This course is available on videotape.


  • Breathe
    Your lungs need to be used. Due to stress levels, most Americans breathe from high up in their chests. If you watch a baby breathe naturally you will notice that they breathe fully and deeply. Their stomach and diaphragm expand as well as their entire chest and back. Deep breathing every day stimulates the immune system, increases metabolism, reduces stress, and brings vital oxygen into the body. Most people are oxygen deficient. Increasing oxygen to the cells can eliminate a multitude of diseases. Cancer, for example, can not live in an oxygen rich environment.


  • Speak powerful words


  • Listen to de-stressing music CDs
    Music has a powerful effect on the physiology. There are several CDs that have been developed that produce stunning health benefits. In just five minutes the music can turn the body from acid to alkaline, relieve tremendous amounts of stress, relax muscles, and provide a tremendous amount of the feeling of well being. These can be listened to any time and are perfect for an afternoon 5 to 15 minute relaxation and recharging session.


  • Plant a garden
    Being in the physical universe, working with living things and creating things with our hands is incredibly beneficial. Working in a garden provides an outdoor environment, exercise, stress reduction, and many more mental, emotional and physical benefits.


  • Stretch
    If your body is supple and flexible, energy easily flows and blockages do not occur. When energy flows it is hard for illness and disease to take hold and manifest. I recommend doing a yoga class, or Pilates, martial arts, or any other kind of stretching on a regular basis. Every morning I spend 15 minutes stretching. Throughout the day, during my normal activities, I spend a moment to stretch. It feels so good.


  • Be thankful
    Thoughts are things. Thoughts are powerful. When you wake up in the morning, take a moment and be thankful for the day. Before you eat a meal, take a moment and be thankful for the food. Before you go to bed, reflect and be thankful for the people and experiences you have. Living a life of thankfulness creates happiness, peace and promotes general health.


  • Laugh
    Laughing is one of the most powerfully beneficial things you can do. Children laugh, on average, 10,000 times per week. Adults laugh, on average, five times per week. Laughing stimulates the entire immune system, elevates depression and alkalizes the body. In the book The Anatomy of an Illness we hear of the amazing story of a cancer patient who, given six months to live, used laughter to eliminate his cancer! Laugh every day as often as you can even, if you have nothing to laugh about. You will feel better and be healthier.


  • Be lighthearted
    There are tens of thousands of people around the world who live into their hundreds. Research has been conducted on these centenarians and has found that the major common denominator is that they take life very lightly. A good motto to live by is “you have to care, but not that much.” Instead of being demanding, you would be better off if you had mild preferences.


  • Add living plants in your home
    Real living plants add oxygen to the air, balance the energy in the space, produce life-enhancing negative ions, and are incredibly beneficial to the health of human beings. Fill your house with living plants and flowers. You will feel the difference the moment you do it.


  • Rest from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown
    Each week the moon cycles are in position to promote healing and rejuvenation in the body. Resting during this time promotes the optimal rejuvenation of your cells.


  • Listen to nice music
    Certain music has been shown to kill plants and, in humans, dramatically suppress the immune system. Certain music also has been shown to make the body very acidic. Baroque classical music seems to promote the health and vitality in plants, and seems to encourage the same in humans. There are many CDs available whose music has been designed to promote health and even slow and reverse the aging process. Certain music also dramatically reduces stress.


  • Smile
    There are more muscles concentrated in your face than in any other part of the body. The physical act of smiling strengthens the immune system and releases endorphins from the brain, making you feel better. The act of smiling also changes your energetic field, as evidenced by Kirlian photography. Make it a habit to notice if you are smiling or not. Smile for no reason and do it often.


  • Get and give hugs
    Human contact is necessary for life. Babies who are given all the nutrition they need but receive no physical contact grow less, cry more, and come down with all types of illness and disease. In some cases they border on death. Our immune systems are strengthened when we physically hug another human being. Ask yourself how many hugs did you give and get yesterday. You should be hugging every day as often as possible! I am lucky; coming from an Italian home, we hugged and kissed everyone. It is a good habit and provides increased health.


  • Drive less
    Driving causes massive amounts of stress. The less you drive, the healthier you could be.


  • Get out of debt
    Stress is the silent killer. Financial pressure causes a massive increase in stress, which leads to disease. There are several organizations that can assist you in managing, reducing and eliminating your debt. When you free yourself from financial worry you are more likely to be happier and healthier.


  • Get a pet
    Research indicates that having a pet leads to longer life and less disease. Pets give unconditional love and allow us a non-judgmental being to give love to. The process of being loved and giving love strengthens our immune system, reduces stress, and has a variety of emotional and physical benefits.


  • Get rolfing
    Rolfing is a specific type of deep-tissue massage technique that releases the fasha (connective tissue between the muscle and the bone) and dramatically improves posture, balance, and integrates your entire body. Rolfing is generally done once per week for 15 weeks. Each session is like a very deep-tissue massage and takes approximately an hour and a half. You can find trained Rolfers in your area. Highly, highly, highly recommended.


  • Get an inversion table
    Machines are available online and in fitness equipment stores that allow you to tilt your body into an inverted position or hang completely upside down. This process is believed to decompress the spine, relieve back pain, increase blood and oxygen to the brain, and potentially slow the aging process. I own one of these machines myself and use it a few times a week. It only takes three minutes and you feel absolutely fantastic. Relieves stress as well.


  • Get a range of motion machine
    How would you like to get the benefits of 30 minutes of aerobics, 45 minutes of stretching, and 45 minutes of strength training in just four minutes? There is a machine called the “range of motion machine” which does just that. Very expensive, but highly recommended.


  • Do Tai Chi
    There are many people teaching what they call tai chi. Unfortunately, most tai chi instructors aren’t really teaching true tai chi. Tai chi is a series of flowing movements designed to center oneself, relieve stress, increase energy flow, increase flexibility and strength, and promote health and well-being. I have done tai chi for over 20 years and studied with dozens of so-called masters. Not until I learned tai chi from a real Shaolin monk from the Shaolin temple in China did I experience the real thing. The good news is doing any form of tai chi has benefits.


  • Commit reckless acts of kindness
    Every day make it a habit to be kind to everyone you meet. The act of showing kindness has been shown to stimulate the body’s immune system and give us a greater sense of peace and centeredness. Remember, what goes around comes around.


  • Wear white
    Colors affect energy. The closer you get to white, the more positive energy you bring into your energetic field. This may not be practical in everyday situations; however, having some white or light colored clothing as your general around-the-house attire can make you feel much better.


  • Use full spectrum lights
    Florescent lights have negative effects on your body and emotions. The best indoor lighting is called full spectrum lighting. These special light bulbs are very close to natural sunlight. Using these lights can provide reduction of stress, depression, and fatigue while simultaneously increasing energy and positively stimulating the immune system.


  • Take an afternoon 15-minute break
    Most people wake up to an alarm clock, rush to work, stress, worry and work all day, rush to get home, eat a meal, and sit in front of the television; then they go to bed and prepare to repeat the process again the next day. A 15-minute relaxation break, ideally using special music or relaxation CDs, allows the body to decompress, unwind, and rejuvenate. This procedure can increase metabolism, relieve stress, anxiety, tension and depression, allow you to feel more centered, and provide increased amounts of physical energy.


  • Reduce TV time
    The television produces unhealthy electromagnetic energy. High definition televisions produce such powerful negative electromagnetic energy they have wiped out entire computer networks when turned on. The images on TV. are negative and stress invoking. But the number one reason I believe you should avoid television is that virtually two-thirds of all the ads you will see are for drugs. When you watch TV. you are allowing yourself to be brainwashed into believing drugs are the answer. Do these ads work? Statistics show that over 90 percent of Americans believe that health is directly related to the amount of drugs you consume. They believe if a parent does not administer drugs to a sick child immediately, they are being a bad parent. These ads are so effective that people who have never seen a doctor are now asking their doctor for specific drugs. Don’t think you are immune to the power of these ads. Remember, cigarettes used to be advertised on television. They were proven to be so effective at subconsciously motivating people to buy cigarettes that they were banned.


  • Have sex
    Sex promotes health.


  • Write down goals
    There you have my basic list of things to do and things to avoid that can bring your body back to a state of normalcy, where disease and illness virtually can not exist. It would be silly for anyone to believe that a person could do all these things all of the time. Ideally, do as many as you can as often as you can. Doing even a little bit is better than none at all. For example, you may not be able to eliminate something 100 percent. At least cut back or reduce, or try eliminating it for a day or two. The more you do these things, and the more often you do them, the healthier and younger you will feel.

SOURCE: www.naturalcures.com

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You have been warned. Let’s continue.

The following can be overwhelming but is necessary information for you and your loved ones.   It is provided out of love and concern for all humanity.  May we all take the necessary small steps daily towards a healthy and holistic life!


Prescription and over the counter Medication

Is it mere coincidence that the drug industry is a billion dollar industry, and that the US just happens to be the most medicated population on earth? In the U.S., prescriptions have increased over the past decade to 3.4 billion annually, a 61 percent increase. Retail sales of prescription drugs jumped 250 percent from $72 billion to $250 billion, while the average price of prescriptions has more than doubled from $30 to $68.

Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharmaceutical_companies

One only needs to turn on the TV, to practically any station to see Drug advertisements. We’re told to ask our Doctor, since we are definitely so educated on the topic after watching 30 seconds of old people frolic and listened to 25 seconds of side effects.

Ironically enough, Ads will often tell you numerous negative side effects of the product. But they don’t mention that if you get those side effects you’ll most likely need medication for those symptoms as well. And the cycle is self perpetuating with the only ones benefiting being those who profit from the drugs.

In 2004 it was stated that on average, each month 40 new side effects or adverse reactions were added to drug warning labels after they had already been approved and were being consumed by customers. Source http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/Safety-RelatedDrugLabelingChanges/default.htm

In one of the longest delays in changes, widely used Demerol a common pain reliever got a new warning in 2003, 70 years after its introduction. The change? Demerol was passing straight into mothers milk, being passed on directly to suckling babies. A powerful pain reliever being consumed by a baby is terrifying, who knows the full extent of the health consequences of that problem.

Another example would be the product Pletal, which in February of 2004 was given a battery of new, terrible side effects.

The following adverse events have been reported worldwide since the launch of Pletal in the US. Pain, Chest pain, hot flashes, cerebral hemorrhage, angina pectoris, hypo-tension, hepatic dysfunction/abornmal liver function, jaundice, vomiting, thromboctopenia, leukopenia, bleeding tendency, paresthesia, hyperglycemia, pulmonary hemorrhage, interstitial pneumonia, pruritus, skin eruptions including Stevens-Johnson syndrome, rash, increase BUN, and hematuria.

The following adverse events occurred OUTSIDE the US prior to marketing of Pletal in the US: Pulmonary Hemorrhage and Stevens-Johnsons syndrome.

That last line means “Massive bleeding of the heart, and excruciating, disfiguring skin reaction that sometimes kills you”. They knew all of this, before they happily made a fortune selling it to us.

How we got over medicated
As you’ll soon read later on, the issue is that we are being slowly poisoned by so many things daily that we essentially are permanently sick. Leading to a variety of different symptoms, then through the million dollar marketing campaigns are convinced to go ask about a drug that promises a quick fix for all these ambiguous symptoms.

But, not only do they cause as many issues as they solve, but could literally kill you in the process. All given to you legally from your local, helpful doctor. Who by the way, made a killing giving you that prescription. The prescription drug industry is able to pull all this off, thanks to its investment in lobbyists.

Source. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pharmaceutical_lobby
The top twenty pharmaceutical companies and their two trade groups, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and Biotechnology Industry Organization, lobbied on at least 1,600 pieces of legislation between 1998 and 2004. According to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, pharmaceutical companies spent $900 million on lobbying between 1998 and 2005, more than any other industry. During the same period, they donated $89.9 million to federal candidates and political parties, giving approximately three times as much to Republicans as to Democrats. According to the Center for Public Integrity, from January 2005 through June 2006 alone, the pharmaceutical industry spent approximately $182 million on Federal lobbying. The industry has 1,274 registered lobbyists in Washington D.C.

What the Statistics say

Modern medicine kills 750,000 people each year, that’s a 16,400% increase over terrorism. The equivalent to crashing 6 fully loaded jumbo jets daily.

Source. http://www.naturalnews.com/009278.html

Adverse reactions alone claimed approx. 32,000 people in 2000.

Source. http://drugwarfacts.org/cms/?q=node/30

Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin claimed 7,600 people in 2000. Source. http://drugwarfacts.org/cms/?q=node/30

In contrast, all illicit drug use both directly and indirectly claimed only 17,000 people in 2000. Source. http://drugwarfacts.org/cms/?q=node/30

Prescription pills are absolutely UNNECESSARY and should be avoided at all costs, unless it is a life or death situation. And, if such an event were to come about, you will be glad you are not already resistant to the drug that could ease great pain in a life or death situation. The negative effects are substantial, and as mentioned, could kill you. It’s worth noting I have taken one prescription in my quarter century, it was for an ear infection when I was a child. I could also count the amount of Tylenol and Advil I have taken with my fingers. I have not been sick in approx 8 years, and I have never experienced a head ache. I do not believe this to be due to my lucky nature, rather the fact that I do not medicate.



Some people may already know about fluoride. I have talked about it several times on this forum, as well as others. But since we come in contact with this poison daily, everyone should be educated about its toxicity and the illogical way it came to invade our daily life.

For those who haven’t already, I suggest reading my thread about tooth sensitivity http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread469991/pg1  and its apparent association to Fluoride, I suggest reading it as others have found the information useful.

So what is Fluoride?

The 1984 issue of Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products lists fluoride as more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. It has been used as a pesticide for mice, rats and other small pests. A 10# infant could be killed by 1/100 of an ounce and a 100# adult could be killed by 1/10 of an ounce of fluoride.

So, just slightly less lethal than lead, and not quite as poisonous as the infamous arsenic. Doesn’t that sound like something you want added to your body daily? Some people who feel that fluoride is a less of a threat then it is perceived to be, like to use the argument that the amount is so small.

If we were only speaking of 1 single, tiny dose daily, then perhaps that could be the case. But, even if that were the case, why would anyone want a chemical known to be more toxic to humans than lead, ingested at all?

If video is your thing, learn all about it in 10 minutes at this YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yezDGwmGqdM

How it has invaded our life
The reason it’s such a great threat is the fact that it bombards our life daily. One of the main ways we ingest Fluoride is through our drinking water.

Almost everywhere in the continental US undergoes fluoridation of their water supply.

The fluoride used in our water supplies is industrial grade fluoride called Hydrofluosilicic Acid which contains harmful contaminants such as arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead and mercury. It is a byproduct from the phosphate fertilizer industry. Water fluoridation is a cheap way for industry to get rid of their waste and consumers pay the price.

We then drink the water, cook with the water, and bathe in the water. The compounding effect ramps up the levels in our body quickly. Water is essential to a humans survival, so it makes sense that ingesting clean water will improve overall health. If you haven’t already, you should seriously invest in a Berkey http://www.berkeyfilters.com/ water filtration system. Around $200 you can have a complete system, and if you’re currently purchasing bottled water, this pays itself off quickly, but better yet, could save your biggest asset, your health.

Having a good water filtration system also allows you enough water to cook with. Additionally, even if you are not concerned about the health benefits, it will be extremely useful during any sort of situation X where water supplies could be compromised. Berkey filters specifically can use practically any water source and turn it into beautifully clean, healthy, drinking water.

Additionally, there are products that you can attach to your shower head so the water you use to clean yourself, isn’t doing more harm than benefit.

Fluoride For Teeth

As far as fluorides use for dental care, I suggest reading my thread linked above. More and more information is coming too late that is challenging the orthodox thinking of the use of fluoride. Dental fluorosis is a devastating problem that has resulted from mass fluoridation. It is a lot like natural decay, using something to treat a problem, that it itself creates, is an illogical thought process that needs to be changed.

Nazipedia – Dental Fluorosis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_fluorosis
Dental Fluorosis Pictures – Look familiar? http://www.fluoridealert.org/dental-fluorosis.htm

Source http://www.wholywater.com/fluoride.html
In a number of small villages in Sicily, Turkey and India there is naturally occurring fluoride in the water ranging from 0.7 to 5.4 ppm. Here the villagers and their livestock are chronically ill, while neighboring villages with no fluoride have no such illnesses. Premature aging is the overall effect. Children have brown decaying teeth; young adults often have none. Young men are bent over and crippled with pain in their joints and hips. Their skin is wrinkled and they look 60 at age 30 to 40. There is premature hardening of the arteries, loss of appetite & sex drive by age 30. The rate of stillborn miscarriages by 4 months is extremely high.


Google: Fluoride – Educate yourself, then those you love.



Monosodium Glutamate, or MSG as it’s more commonly referred to is another substance that has covertly invaded our lives, primarily due to the profit motive. It was first manufactured commercially in Japan and was introduced to the United States in 1947, as a “Flavor Enhancer” Source. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monosodium_glutamate
I could list the foods that contain it, but I only have 10000 characters here. Small rule of thumb, almost all processed food, fast foods, junk foods such as potato chips, condiments, and prepackaged foods. Unless you are actually vigilant, you are most likely consuming MSG at least once in your day. I suggest going into your pantry and cupboards and reading ingredient lists. You will most likely be shocked to find it in almost everything. It’s also worth noting that MSG sometimes hides under a variety of other ambiguous names such as “Spice” and other equally misleading names.

If you shop at stores such as Safeway, Wal-Mart, Costco, etc. You are definitely buying food every visit that contains MSG.

Why is it so prevalent?
The reason for its prevalence is because of its addicting quality. There’s a reason why once you pop, you can’t stop, and its name is Monosodium Glutamate. Its salty nature is where it gets the “Flavor Enhancer” title, cause it does do that. But the fact that it is addictive by nature is the main reason it has invaded our food supply.

It is listed as a Safe Food additive, so why as a company would you not want to add it? Makes garbage taste fantastic, and gets customers addicted to the product. Does that not sound like a miracle ingredient for food manufacturers?

It’s also worth noting that it is utilized in sit down, formal restaurants as well as fast food. A simple way to find out if they are using MSG is to ask the waiter, and tell him that you are highly allergic. If they do use it, they won’t. Or if they are selling you packaged garbage, they will redirect you to something different on the menu.

MSG Sensitivity
As I already briefly stated, the addictive quality is bad news for a society that has grown to contain epidemic levels of obesity. The relation of the introduction of MSG and the growing percentage of Obese Americans since, is quite obvious.

MSG Sensitivity is a problem that some may not even be aware they are suffering from. Instead attributing the problems to different issues. Check out a list of Symptoms http://www.msgmyth.com/. It’s estimated that potentially up to 30-40% of our society is suffering from MSG sensitivity without even knowing it. Leading to more prescriptions, and poor health. It’s also worth mentioning, that although it is listed as a safe additive, society as a whole actually ingests more daily than even they regard as safe. Source http://www.msgmyth.com/know.htm

People should eat foods because they enjoy them, not because they are chemically addicted. There’s no rocket science analysis skills needed to understand that the prevalence of this ingredient and the nature of deteriorating health in Americans, as well as obesity, are linked. Check sources for expanded information on MSG.


Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners come in a variety of household names Aspartame, Splenda, NutraSweet etc. This is another thing, that unless you are conscious of, are likely ingesting almost everyday. They are essentially, all the same garbage with different names.

Source http://www.ehow.com/how_4483377_identify-artificial-sweeteners.html
Look for the ingredient aspartame. This artificial sweetener was approved by the FDA in 1981. It is packaged under the brand names NutraSweet, Equal and Sugar Twin. It is used in over six thousand products and is usually listed as aspartame in the ingredients list in products like diet soda.

Coincidentally, it was good ol’ Rumsfeld who did the pushing of this toxic product. In January of 1981, Rumsfeld, at the time CEO of Searle, announced at a meeting that he was going to push to have Aspartame approved within that year. He argued that his pull in Washington would mean more than science, and that’s exactly what happened.

There are 92 Known Side Effects of Aspartame http://www.sweetpoison.com/aspartame-side-effects.html. Again, this leads to falsely diagnosed “conditions” and leads to an over medicated society.

Each artificial sweeter has its own uses based upon the properties it yields. Some perform while under heat, and are used for baking. Others such as aspartame, are used highly in drinks, especially “diet” drinks. The zero calories, are in no way worth the damage that these chemicals inflict.

Ironically enough, many studies have actually found that those who consume diet soft drinks are over 30% more likely to gain weight. Which seems to defeat the purpose to begin with, and then of course you get 92 other potential reasons why it was a bad choice. Source http://www.healthcastle.com/diet_pop_health.shtml

If video is your thing, learn all about it in 10 minutes at this YouTube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yezDGwmGqdM


GMO Foods

Genetically modified foods could well turn out to be one of humanities most devastating blunders. In 2003 scientists announced that the gene sequence of the inserted genes in GMO foods, had actually changed their order. Thus the genetic inserts are not only unstable and changing, but are changing in an unpredictable fashion, which is extremely dangerous. – Esoteric

GMO Crops were given to us by arguably, one of the most diabolical companies on earth, Monsanto. And if you don’t already know about Monsanto and their crimes against humanity please take a few minutes to watch some short film pieces.

The World According to Monsanto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_OJcPKEYDE
The Genetic Conspiracy, Monsanto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joweZ6uM5iY Milk Industry and Fox News http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL1pKlnhvg0

There are a variety of detrimental health effects directly related to the use of GMO Crops. I could write an entire thread on this topic alone. Some problems of GMO Crops, tens of thousands of deaths and debilitating disabilities as well as near deaths, Direct Cancer and Degenerative disease links, Super Viruses, Antibiotic threats via milk, Antibiotic and pesticide threats via plants, Birth defects and shorter life spans;

…The experience of actual GM-fed experimental animals is scary. When GM soy was fed to female rats, most of their babies died within three weeks—compared to a 10% death rate among the control group fed natural soy. The GM-fed babies were also smaller, and later had problems getting pregnant.


Other problems include, soil toxicity, extinction of seed variety, super weeds, plant invasion, terminator trees, super pests, poisonous to mammals, destruction of self sufficient family farming, terminator technology, dependency issues etc.

Source: 50 Harmful Effects of GMO crops http://www.raw-wisdom.com/genetically-modified-food




Plastics are another common item we deal with practically every single day. The obvious pollution issues need not be discussed as it’s common knowledge what this wonderful material we love does to our landfills.

Source http://www.ecologycenter.org/factsheets/plastichealtheffects.html
In addition to creating safety problems during production, many chemical additives that give plastic products desirable performance properties also have negative environmental and human health effects. These effects include
Direct toxicity, as in the cases of lead, cadmium, and mercury
Carcinogens, as in the case of diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)
Endocrine disruption, which can lead to cancers, birth defects, immune system supression and developmental problems in children.


Chemical Migration from Plastic Packaging into Contents

Source http://www.ecologycenter.org/factsheets/plastichealtheffects.html
People are exposed to these chemicals not only during manufacturing, but also by using plastic packages, because some chemicals migrate from the plastic packaging to the foods they contain. Examples of plastics contaminating food have been reported with most plastic types, including Styrene from polystyrene, plasticizers from PVC, antioxidants from polyethylene, and Acetaldehyde from PET.
Among the factors controlling migration are the chemical structure of the migrants and the nature of the packaged food. In studies cited in Food Additives and Contaminants, LDPE, HDPE, and polypropylene bottles released measurable levels of BHT, Chimassorb 81, Irganox PS 800, Irganix 1076, and Irganox 1010 into their contents of vegetable oil and ethanol. Evidence was also found that acetaldehyde migrated out of PET and into water.


Source http://www.ecologycenter.org/factsheets/plastichealtheffects.html
Find alternatives to plastic products whenever possible. Some specific suggestions:
* Buy food in glass or metal containers; avoid polycarbonate drinking bottles with Bisphenol A
* Avoid heating food in plastic containers, or storing fatty foods in plastic containers or plastic wrap.
* Do not give young children plastic teethers or toys
* Use natural fiber clothing, bedding and furniture
* Avoid all PVC and Styrene products
Buy food in glass or metal containers
Avoid heating food in plastic containers, or storing fatty foods in plastic containers or plastic wrap
Do not give young children plastic teethers or toys
Use natural fiber clothing, bedding and furniture
Avoid all PVC and Styrene products



Disinfection products and others

At one point or another, I am sure almost everyone has had an encounter with one of these products. Be it sanitizing wipes, Purell hand gel, cleaning products etc. For a while the media was on a big push to convince us that germs were our number one enemy and that they must be crushed at all costs.

This leads to over-zealous mothers who feverishly fight the battle on a daily basis. Through knowledge I have come to have over my life, I have noticed that it is most common for the child who had a mom running around sanitizing everything to be the person who is unhealthy most often.

Logic dictates that if your immune system is never given a chance to naturally learn to fight harmful germs, and later on in life you are in an unsanitary environment you are much more likely to get sick. For what it’s worth, me and my brother grew up getting into everything two young boys could get into on 10 acres. Constantly dirty, neglecting our hand washing duties and our mom never wiped down anything for us. Ironically enough, we fit the exact opposite of what society recommends, yet were sick very seldom.

Additionally, I personally have not be sick in approximately 8 years. I attribute that to not only my life style selections, but also the fact that I have a very rugged immune system that has been battle hardened through the years of germ fighting.

It’s also worth noting that since the disinfection campaign started, there has obviously been a rise in a variety of child hood diseases. Though links between the two are rarely drawn.


Since it’s summer time, I figured I would add this cause it’s important as well. Products like Sun Screen may actually not be all that the doctor ordered either.

Most sunscreens only block UVB rays, leaving UVA rays to do damage. Because people believe they are protected, it causes people to stay in the sun too long. And interestingly enough, it’s UVB rays that make us burn. So our natural warning signal is slowed, and instead of us beginning to burn and realizing it’s time to go inside, we stay in the sun far too long.

Furthermore, UVB is how we get Vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D, interestingly enough, is known to help prevent some cancers, most notably, breast and colon. If all this weren’t bad enough, keep in mind that when you are lathering yourself up with lotion, you’re smearing chemicals all over your skin. Some of those chemicals are toxic, and your pours drink them up and shuttle them all over your body.

Source: Cedric F. Garland. “More on Preventing Skin Cancer”. British Medical Journal, 2003:327:128 (22, November). Thompson, Larry. “Sunscreen, Skin Cancer and UVA”. Healthlink (Medical College of Wisconson), 26 July, 2000. Mercola.com website of Dr. Joseph Mercola


Again people, your health is your number one asset. We only get one body to use on this ride, so unnecessarily poisoning it is unwise, and detrimental to your survival as well as your families. I hope if you already knew some of this information, it has reconfirmed things in your mind. If you’ve learned from even one topic above then you are better off this moment, then before you read this thread. I hope that through the education of yourself, you will propagate the information to those you love. And hopefully, in time, we can change the general consensus on some of these issues so that we can end the intentional poisoning of humanity.

I have done my best to correct any spelling and grammatical errors, but this thread was several hours in the making so please forgive any that I missed.

Feel free to add anything else to this thread you feel needs attention. And keep in mind that all topics I covered today have killed exponentially larger people than Swine Flu, and it isn’t breaking news, and had never and likely never will get the amount of attention that the swine flu did. So ask yourself, where does the logic come in?

Take C-A-R-E of yourself and those you love!

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